Yoga for Anxiety

Have you been suffering from anxiety? Or are your ways to fight anxiety not effective? Sometimes, this can be a helpful feeling if it elevates your consciousness to make better choices.  However, if anxiety leads to an unhealthy thinking, it’s a different story.

Yoga can be an effective treatment for anxiety by reducing the symptoms. It can also relieve stress and let go of uncertainties, enthusiastic blocks and pressure that we hold inside.

It’s not a secret that yoga is responsible for a variety of health benefits, both physical and mental. However, for some individuals out there, yoga truly is a highly effective way to beat anxiety or even panic disorders.


Yoga is an exercise that combines poses, breathing, meditation and distinct philosophy. Some might call it a moving meditation that centres the thoughts and can build a sense of calm and wholeness. A lot of people do yoga to restore the body by increasing strength, improving balance, and enhancing flexibility. Many people are dedicated to the yoga lifestyle that includes practice beyond exercise.

Many non-exercise parts of yoga, for example, breathing exercises and meditation, can help a busy mind become peaceful and help let go of the anxiety. It is not surprising that yoga can also very useful in dealing with fears, panic and stress.

Now, as yoga takes care of both body and soul, it provides a relatively low-risk, high-benefit approach to improving overall health.

Benefits of Yoga for Anxiety

Aside from your physical health, yoga has been well-known to do great things in your battle to fight against anxiety. The restorative powers of yoga and meditation are a way of both coping with and overcoming anxiety. These teach you how to remain calm and relaxed in daily life, as well as serve as tools that help you lessen the impact of anxiety in your life.

Here are some benefits that Yoga can help you live life with less anxiety.

Yoga Reduces Muscle Tension

Every time we feel anxious, the muscles in certain areas of our bodies become tense without realising it. Anxiety can make your body feel tense, particularly in the neck, shoulders and back.  Yoga helps relieve muscle tension by strengthening, lengthening, and relaxing sore muscles while simultaneously working with your breath.

Yoga Brings Focus to Your Breath

Breathwork is an effective way to reduce anxiety quickly. It is well connected to our nervous system. Each time that we feel restless, we tend to take fast and low breaths, or we may even hold our breath and take a big breath. When we slow and deepen our breathing, we relax the nervous system.

Therefore, during an anxiety attack, the body responds to what is seen as a risk. This results in tension, rigidity, and limited or shortness of breath.  Yoga slows down your breath and relaxes your body. You’ll learn how to breathe with consciousness and to practice the breath while moving through challenging poses.

Yoga Calms You Down

Unlike some aerobic activity that increases cortisol levels, yoga restrains the anxiety response by preparing the nervous system.

Yoga keeps stress bay. There is a meditative element of yoga that promotes mindfulness, helping us to remain in the present day that is an effective treatment for anxiety.

Yoga directs anxiety response systems, which in turn, reduces physiological excitement — like heart rate and blood pressure. It also builds heart rate variability, which can be an indicator of the body’s capacity to respond to anxiety.

Understanding more about what is going on and how to manage can give us a more prominent feeling of comfort and control. Taking control of your mind and feelings with the help of yoga allows you to enhance brain function and help you reduce anxiety. With regular practice and focusing on the positive things, you can become more capable to adapt to stress and handle the anxieties of a busy lifestyle.

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