How Yoga Can Make You Happier

Life can be a joke sometimes. Sometimes it throws curveballs as you journey through your life. Paths change, jobs end, hearts break, directions lost. But if you can do something to be happy through all these, you can find your inner peace. And one of the great ways to achieve it is through yoga.


It’s not an accident if we find peace and happiness on our mats. Yoga is a lot more than relaxation exercise. Deep breathing exercises, physical postures and stretching in yoga provide warmth and feelings of peace.

Yoga Changes How Your Brain Works

Yoga works to strengthen mind-body connection, where the body sends messages to the brain, making it feel strong and positive.


When you practice deep breathing, relax your muscles and think positively, you’re actually rewiring your brain. In yoga, what you learn on the mat is being applied to your daily life. The techniques such as deep breathing, clearing your mind, etc, help break bad habits, eliminate negativity and fight stress.


You don’t need years of dedicated practice to achieve happiness out of yoga. The brain’s gamma-amino butyric (GABA) levels increase after just an hour of yoga. Higher GABA levels are associated with reduced levels of depression and anxiety. This means that even a single yoga session can significantly change your brain chemistry and improve your mood. This is according to a research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


Scientists examined a connection between yoga and increased GABA activity. Participants were divided into 2 groups: yoga group and walking group.


Both groups were observed for 12 weeks. Researchers examined the participants’ brains before and after. Results show that there are greater improvements in mood and a greater decrease in anxiety in yoga group. GABA levels were up, and self-reported measures of anxiety were down.


If you practise meditation techniques such as yoga on a regular basis, your brain will be better able to cope with stress and negative emotions. Improvements in the brain can even help you maintain higher levels of learning and memory.

Breathe Happiness

Yoga incorporates some elements of focusing on breathing to invigorate or relax. If you get used to breathing slowly and deeply, you’re helping your body to relax and ward off stress. When you’re stressed, your body switches into fight-or-flight mode. But deep breathing turns off fight-or-flight mode. You have better opportunity to slow down, be present and think clearly.


If you are unified and connected with your inner self, you have easier access to the deep well of happiness. Yoga does more than lifting your spirit. It lifts your life. It helps you see the essence of who you are, and therein lies peace and happiness.


So whether you’re down in the dumps after a bad day, need motivation to do better at work, or just feel out of sorts emotionally, yoga can help you get up and see the positive side of life.


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