Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy in Perth

Injured at work?

Let the physiotherapists at Happy Physio help …

Happy Physio is an approved ‘health care provider’ under the WorkCover scheme and our staff are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment, with a focus on achieving a safe and durable return to work program.

Booking with Happy Physio: When you make an appointment with us you will need to bring your WorkCover Medical Certificate. Your physio will liaise with your treating doctor to prepare a plan for your rehabilitation and return-to-work management. Once we have your claim details we are able to deal directly with your insurance company so there is no cost to you for your treatment.

We have state-of-the-art modern facilities at our clinic to ensure you receive the best rehabilitation possible.

Work accident in Perth

What to do if you are injured at work:

  • Your Employer will provide you with their details and their insurance company’s details. They will also provide you with a Workers Compensation form if necessary.
  • Your doctor will refer you to physiotherapy if appropriate, and you can then make an appointment with Happy Physio to begin your treatment and start on your road to recovery.
  • The WorkCover website provides you with all the relevant information on what to do if you have an injury so go to their site for more information:

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