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Do you suffer with women’s health issues, like pelvic floor problems, post-pregnancy complications or osteoporosis? Perhaps you’ve already seen your doctor for help but found that their knowledge wasn’t specific enough. The good news is that physiotherapy can help with a range of women’s health issues.

Many women’s health issues relate to problems with the pelvis or pelvic floor, which can be caused by pregnancy or normal aging. Physiotherapy can successfully treat potentially embarrassing symptoms, and restore your confidence and vitality.

Our team of passionate and highly qualified Physiotherapists here at Best Body includes a number of practitioners who have chosen to become experts in women’s health physiotherapy. Thanks to their expertise and the latest facilities and equipment, including a Real Time Ultrasound machine, we are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders and conditions.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy
At All Stages Of Life

We treat clients suffering from a range of complaints, at all stages of a woman’s life. Here are some common conditions and life events where we can help:


  During pregnancy


   Pelvic floor dysfunction (tear or incontinence or overactivity)


   Preventing osteoporosis

   Breast cancer

Why Choose Best Body?

In the past 8.5 years, we’ve performed 173,500 physiotherapy consultations for clients in Perth and the rest of Australia. If you want to stop the pain, prevent recurring injury and build your body strength, here are 5 great reasons to choose us:

World Class Facilities:

We are proud to have invested in the best physiotherapy facilities in Western Australia. You’ll receive world-class treatment using the latest techniques and equipment.

Results Guaranteed:

Save time and money by following the best treatment plan the first time. If you’re not 100% happy with the service you receive, we’ll cover the cost of your appointment, and the next one.

Tailored approach to treatment:

We understand that everyone is different. Whether you’re male or female; child or adult; elite sports star or sedentary office worker, we’ll devise a personalized plan to stop your pain, boost your fitness and improve your quality of life.

Highly Qualified Team:

Our squad of experienced and passionate physiotherapists, sports scientists, personal trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors and massage therapists are dedicated to your care. Every year we invest in their development and training to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Flexible plans to suit everyone:

We provide high quality one-to-one consultations along with a great selection of group classes every week. Whether you need our help with a specific problem or simply want to boost your flexibility and overall fitness, there’s a treatment plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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Our team here at Best Body are some of the most qualified and experienced practitioners in their field. We’re proud to be associated with the following professional bodies:

To read specific information about the experience, qualifications and specialisms of the particular practitioner you are working with, visit our About page, and click on the links to learn more about our individual team members.

Don’t Suffer In Silence – Access Expert Help Today

Pain, discomfort or embarrassing symptoms don’t have to be a ‘fact of life’. If you’re experiencing women’s health issues, book a consultation with our expert team at Best Body, and take the first step on the road to recovery.

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