Winners of the Best Body Greenwood memberships announced!

Hey, it’s Tarryn here, and I’m getting ready to open the founding memberships to Best Body very soon! I hope you’re getting ready to ROCK the best version of you. Anyways, I’ve got some great stuff in this blog post for you today….like…

  1. I’m announcing the winners of the Best Body Membership Contest.
  2. A brief intro to what Best Body is about (at its core – pardon the pun).

The Main Purpose of Best Body

The main purpose of Best Body is to HELP YOU become the best version of you – by getting better core strength, flexibility, tone, and achieve healthy weight loss in a supportive and encouraging environment – and feel good about making yourself a priority.

Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people suffer from back problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines unnecessarily
  • Most people put themselves towards the bottom of their priority list – which leaves them exhausted and lethargic both mentally and physically
  • Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin and feel guilty about spending time doing something good for themselves

Anyways, Best Body is, quite literally, a project. And over the course of a minimum of 12 weeks – you’ll be building a better body and a better you. I will be too!

In fact, I’ll be selecting someone’s journey…and turning it into a successful inspiring case study. To help others earlier on in their journeys know what is possible.

We won’t only be teaching Best Body Greenwood members how to build a better body.

We’ll be showing them as well.

  • How to get fit and health in a sustainable way
  • How to be motivated to continue making progress
  • How to be strong, pain free, and have a healthy weight body
  • How to make yourself a priority without anyone you care about missing out
  • How to be the best version of you
  • How to regain confidence to wear the clothing you love
  • How to feel good about yourself and be a better person for the people you love
  • How be at your best without the injuries
  • How to calm your mind and body when it matters most
  • How to be comfortable in your own skin
  • How strengthen muscles to offload and protect your joints to keep you moving smoothly
  • How to be aligned with a stronger mind
  • How to move away from back problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines
  • How to maximize your pregnancy journey and bounce back afterwards with your post-baby body

Winners of the Best Body Membership Contest Announced

We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries for the Best Body Greenwood Membership contest. And thank YOU for all the amazing and thoughtful entries.

Picking two winners was very difficult and I couldn’t do it. So I’ve decided to split it into 3 winners of 4 month memberships.

It’s a little delayed as I have been busy running early morning events for our lovely Duncraig community. 

But after lots of reading and thinking today, I’ve just chosen the winners.

Anyway, if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you could take a quick sec and congratulate the winners in the comments section on the competition page – click here.

Lisa Pawelec (Best Body Greenwood Ambassador) 

Hi Tarryn,
I would really like to win a 6month membership to your new studio in Greenwood. I’m a mum to an active 22mo and new to the Greenwood area. These last 7 months have been extremely difficult for me. I’ve been diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma (connective tissue disease), Hashimotos (underachieve thyroid) and other autoimmune illnesses. Due to these health concerns I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone and strength, have ongoing joint inflammation and pain and am always fatigued and exhausted. I know regular and low impact exercise like reformer pilates will help me with my health. I have tried reformer pilates in the past with an instructor 1:1 and it helped me with my range of motion. I know with continued perseverance, low impact exercise and a positive outlook I can be a healthier me and overcome these challenges. Simply this membership would help me with my goals; to pick up my toddler without pain, ride a bike, swim again and sit on the floor playing with my sweet boy. I want to live my best life and I hope you can help in my journey to achieving these things. Thanks for reading. Lisa

Gloria Richmond (Best Body Greenwood Ambassador) 

Hi Taryn, I’m a 46 year old woman with heart disease, yes that’s right. I’ve had 2 stents inserted to open arteries, first in 2017 and again in November 2018. I have 3 boys, aged 10 and twins 8. I work 4 days and look after everyone but myself. I need to find an exercise program that I can feel ok with and grow with, that I can look forward to and stick with. I’m ready to put myself first, finally!

Trish Bartell (Best Body Greenwood Ambassador) 

Hi Tarryn, My poor body has taken a beating over the past 13 years! In 2006 I had treatment for a rare cancer in my larynx. The radical surgery resulted in the loss of my vocal chords and reconstruction of my oesophagus. I was only 32 at the time and it changed my life in so many ways. I’m a survivor though and have worked at being positive and moving forward through every challenge. I suffer a lot with neck tension and headaches as a result of the surgery and I think the Reformer Pilates will be a great benefit to me not only in that area but in my overall fitness and strength. I’m 45 this year, and 13 years cancer free! I’m loving life and super motivated to work on my health and fitness this year! Thanks for the opportunity!! 💛💛💛 Trish


Thanks for reading! Again, feel free to take a quick sec and congratulate the winners in the comments section on the competition page – click here.

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