Hey, it’s Scott here, and it’s been an exciting start to the week with class schedules getting completed for Best Body Alkimos, getting our wonderful Instructors fully back on board, and racing around ensuring everything is ready for our grand re-opening this Saturday!

I hope you’re excited too, to get back into a routine that helps you get back to your best physically and mentally!

My favourite part of today is announcing the winner of the Best Body 3 month membership (love doing something positive during these challenging times – we’ve been hit hard, but we still want to make good things happen for you!!!)

But before I get to that, I want you to know…

The Main Purpose of Best Body

The main purpose of Best Body is to help you get pain free, build a better body, and become the best version of YOU – physically and mentally – by getting better core strength, flexibility, tone, and achieve your ideal body weight in a supportive and encouraging environment – and to feel good about making yourself a priority – ultimately so you live your best life in a body you love, without the setbacks that can be prevented.

After prioritising everything and everyone else first for years, and dealing with a lot of challenges that life throws at us, we believe you deserve to have someone in your corner caring for you!

There were many missed opportunities in my Nan’s life from health and medical professionals, so a part of our mission is to make sure we create and give those opportunities to others through the latest and best evidence based advice, coaching and support, and a holistic approach. We want to put an end to preventable suffering in the world!

Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people suffer from back and hip problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines unnecessarily
  • Most people put themselves towards the bottom of their priority list – which leaves them exhausted and lethargic both mentally and physically
  • Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin and feel guilty about spending time doing something good for themselves

How to Access the Re-opening Membership Special for Best Body Alkimos

Firstly, if you want to re-activate your previous membership now, then email now with your start date.

Secondly, we are giving away 10 Restart Memberships which include 4 classes per week for only $50 (only $12.50 per class). This special will never be offered again and is only available prior to this Saturday the 6th of June (or until no spots are left).

Usually the cost is $38 for one class, $50 for two, or $60 for three. I know some places charge $65+ for small group Pilates and much more for a 1 on 1 session. But RESTART members at Alkimos can join for $50 per week and do 4 classes per week ($12.50 per class).

To join now and secure your spot: email and comment RESTART SPECIAL PLEASE

With that said, I might as well get to the best part…


We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries for the Best Body  Membership contest. And THANK YOU for all the amazing and thoughtful entries.

Picking ONE winner was very difficult. But after lots of reading and thinking yesterday, we’ve chosen a winner. So many entries would have been worthy winners!!

Anyway, if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you could take a quick sec and congratulate the winner in the comments section on this page.


“I joined BB Alkimos in September last year and the transformation in my strength and fitness has been amazing. I suffer from Lupus SLE and fibromyalgia and pilates resets my mind and my body.

Okay so let’s go back to before I started reformer pilates, I was at a really low point with my body in constant pain, It was a struggle to walk upstairs without feeling like my legs would collapse under me and that’s not because I am overweight just because of the muscle fatigue associated with my illness. My joints felt like I was a tin man. I am 43 and felt like I was trapped in a much older body. I have tried swimming and countless gym memberships in the past to help manage my condition but never been able to stick it out due to injury and pain.

After talks with my rheumatologist, he suggested pilates so that’s where my journey began with BB Alkimos. After meeting with the physio at Best Bodies, I discussed my concerns and my condition in length. I found her to be supportive and honest and was told that there would definitely be some pain associated with strengthening my muscles but with time, the recovery time would become less and less and to stick it out for three months to see the difference.

So with that mindset that’s what I did, pushed through the pain… which initially I had so much tenderness in my muscles, muscles I didn’t even know I had! that I could hardly walk but by week three I was already feeling the difference. In fact, in January of this year, before the pandemic hit us, I had my bloods done like I do every six months to manage the markers of my chronic disease and they were the best bloods my doctor has seen in me in years, which was felt amazing and proof that my hard work and determination had paid off!! Sadly, four months on I don’t feel like that so much anymore and want to get to that point as soon as possible!

So in answer to your question ‘How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic’. Naturally, I have the fear and anxiety associated with having to start again, hopefully, my body will still have strength and agility from all those months of hard work! due to my personal financial circumstances I was ever only able to commit to two sessions weekly at BB, so to me winning a membership that gives me a chance to have access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Alkimos for 3 months and to receive guidance and support of the BB team to help rebound out if this pandemic faster and better and to build my body and mind to feel stronger, healthy, fit and toned sounds absolutely incredible to me! I think the biggest surprise and lesson to me during this pandemic and all of its restrictions was to learn the one thing I missed more than anything (Not getting my nails done haha) was my Pilates I love the way it makes me feel and cannot wait to get back into it!!

Thank you!

Kind regards, Narelle Emmerson”





  1. Lynne

    Congratulations Narelle! This is fantastic! Cheering for you and all the amazing benefit you get from this wonderful form of exercise.

    • Paula Bowie

      Wow Narelle, what a journey u have had to endure. So happy that u have found the relief u deserve at Best Body. Keep going girl!!❤

  2. Susan Jolley

    Congratulations Narelle. Well deserved. You are enspiring.

  3. Tanvi Wardojo

    What an amazing journey Narelle! Looking forward to seeing you at Best Body!

  4. Suzanne Clark

    Congratulations Narelle, a very inspirational story. I’ve no doubt you will succeed again with the help of Best bodies!

  5. Linda Clark

    Congratulations and well deserved Narelle !

  6. Linda Clark

    Congratulations and well deserved Narelle ! You are an inspiration!

  7. Shari

    Well done you sound like someone who truly deserved to win this.Pain is a struggle to manage and anything that can ease your constant distraction in your normal routine can be life changing.Congrats x


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