Winners for the Best Body memberships announced… and some info on what a Best Body membership is and lots of other stuff

Hey, it’s Scott here, and I’m getting ready to open Toned by Best Body applications tomorrow…at 9AM! I hope you’re getting ready to ROCK the best version of you after a tough couple of years. Anyways, I’ve got lots of great stuff in this blog post for you today….like…

  1. I’m announcing the winners of the Best Body Membership Contest (thank you for making it so difficult for me 😬)
  2. A brief intro to who the HELL I am and what the heck is a Best Body membership about (at its core – pardon the pun).
  3. Lots of other cool stuff

But before I get to that, I want you to know…

The Main Purpose of Best Body

The main purpose of Best Body is to help you put selfcare first so you can become pain free and achieve the healthiest version of you – by getting better core strength, flexibility, fitness, tone, and achieving your healthiest body weight in a supportive and encouraging environment – and to feel good about YOU and your body. Basically get into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.


And avoid the not so good experiences that can happen when selfcare is a problem or weakness (versus a strength or superpower) – similar to what happened with my Nan, who lived a lesser quality and quantity of life as a result of prioritising everything and everyone else first, and getting let down by our health and medical system.

We help people go:


Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people suffer from back and hip problems (particularly sciatica), shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain, arthritis, weak wrists, and migraines unnecessarily (and can stay stuck, or even get worse, with poor health and medical treatment – similar to my Nan)
  • Most people put themselves towards the bottom of their priority list – which leaves them with low self-confidence, being unfit and overweight, feeling weak and exhausted – both mentally and physically (even without high stress levels)
  • Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin and feel guilty about spending time doing something good for themselves (so they avoid certain social activities that might be good for them)
  • The high intensity workouts some people are performing create a lot of aches and pains, and are too high impact for what their body can handle – they feel good temporarily, but not healthy after the endorphins wear off

Toned by Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people feel bad about themselves, beat themselves up, and blame themselves for all of the struggles they’ve had with their body and life (it’s not you, it’s your environment)
  • The environment over the past couple of years has caused extra stress on top of usual life stresses, leading to unhealthy weight gain for many people
  • There has been an increase in the number of people suffering from sleep issues, anxiety, body aches and pains, and unsustainable levels of stress (on top of taking care of everyone and everything else) which has led to further physical and mental challenges

I’ll share more about Toned tomorrow, but we believe you deserve to feel good and feel good about you (period!!!)

Now who the hell are we, and what the hell is Best Body about

If you’re still wondering what the hell Best Body is (and who the hell I am) then this info is probably the most important for you to read. Hands down.

I’m Scott Wescombe (born and bred in Tasmania), husband to my beautiful wife Tarryn and father of three beautiful daughters (5 yo, 2 yo, 6 months) and co-founder of Best Body which originally started as Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation back in 2010. I’ve been in a privileged position over the past 12 years – facilitating transformational changes and serving a nourishing community of people (I now call my second family). And worked as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor for the 8 years prior to that.

I became a Personal Trainer as soon as I moved to Perth to play football, after my life was completely changed through exercise + nutrition + coaching + a semi-supportive community. I wanted to help others feel what ‘healthy’ feels like.

Just prior to the transformation I had dropped out of college after failing year 11 (to cut a long story short I was in a bad place).

After becoming a Personal Trainer, I completed an Exercise & Sport Science degree because I wanted to be the best in the world at helping people feel and perform at their best. And then I went on to complete a physiotherapy degree with first class honours, because I wanted to help people who were in pain and suffering get back to their best and beyond. I’ve completed dozens of courses and certificates since from all around the world, and have read hundreds of books to be the best I can be to serve our team and communities.

It’s fair to say it’s been an obsession – to find ways to help as many people move From Pain & Injury To Healthy & Happy (the title of my first book 8 years ago).

Why am I obsessed?

To put it short, I missed my Nan’s funeral and I live with regret ever single day and probably will for the rest of my life.

My Nan lived 200m around the road from us for the majority of my childhood, so she played a special role in my life and helped shape who I am today.

I was just about to start my physiotherapy degree in Perth WA when I received the news my Nan had passed away back in Tasmania.

I had to make a decision to either go back for my Nan’s funeral or to attend the first week of Physio school (which everyone mentioned would demand everything I had).

So, I thought “what would my Nan want me to do?”

And I thought she would want me to make her proud by staying and successfully completing my Physio degree.

In hindsight, I could have gone back…and should have. That’s why I live with regret every single day.

From that moment onwards I wanted to make my Nan smile as she watched from above and dedicated my career as a health professional to my Nan.

I also wanted to help my Mum, who had just lost her Mum – her best friend – her biggest support person in life.

It was tough watching how it impacted my Mum, and made me realise how important relationships are to good health.

It was in my 3rd year of Physio school where I really started to reflect on my Nan’s life and discovered all of the missed opportunities she had for a better and longer life.

It’s a long story and one that I have shared in my book, so I won’t go deep here.

Put simply:

  • she never felt understood by any health or medical professional – they would make her wait sometimes up to 3 hours for a 5 minute appointment and treat her like a number instead of a human being
  • they would always focus on her symptoms, and never consider the influencing factors or underlying causes
  • they would recommend rest and medication, and more medication for the side effects of the original medication, and unproven injections when all else failed
  • not one health or medical professional explored the opportunities my Nan had to live a better life (through a healthier lifestyle)
  • my Nan was sedentary by default of health and medical advice – which she would follow to a tee (doing arts and crafts, watch TV, talk to relatives on the old dial up phones, and writing letters to her pen-friend all from her favourite chair)
  • the two types of cancer (colon and lung) my Nan experienced and eventually passed away from have a high correlation with sedentary behaviour
  • not one health or medical professional looked at the opportunities my Nan had to move more in her typical day or week – or to get stronger – she continued to waste away and get further deconditioned despite the benefits of movement and physical activity being well known
  • not one health or medical professional explored other factors like how food, sleep, stress, worry etc may have been impacting my Nan

It’s fair to say the combination of living with regret and knowing that my Nan could have still been alive if someone had of helped her get onto a better pathway early on – lit a fire in my belly.

My other Nan is still alive today at 95yo and largely independent. She was always physically on the move and rarely went into town to see a health or medical professional. On my last visit to Tasmania she mentioned to me “I do what I can”, referring to making her bed, cleaning up, etc. even though she is paying for those services at the aged care facility.

I think about the meaningful moments that my late Nan and family have missed out on together…

She will never get to see my daughters…which she would have loved (I can picture her smile thinking about it) and they would have loved.

It’s sad thinking there is a possibility she could still be here today if just one health or medical professional had a conversation with her about introducing movement and physical activity into her lifestyle.

Anyway, a common question I’ve been getting asked is why does Best Body exist?!

It’s because I have a fire in my belly and don’t want anyone else’s family members to be treated like my Nan…and have missed opportunities to live a better and longer life.

I wanted people to receive a better client experience and be guided to do stuff that delivers life long results…to be treated like humans and not numbers or symptoms!

That is why we’re on a mission to help everyone on the planet put selfcare first…

Through a strong focus to help every mother on the planet put selfcare first – so they can live their best life in a body they love and avoid the not so good things that my Mum and Nan have experienced.

We believe that by helping every mother on the planet put selfcare first, future generations will see it as normal and follow in their foot steps – ultimately helping everyone on the planet put selfcare first.

And we want to help you turn your selfcare into a strength or super power, so you can live your best life in a body YOU love!

I appreciate you reading this, as it’s longer than I expected to write and it’s early hours of the morning.

And rather than listening to me go on about Best Body…you should listen to our members here, as their voice is more important than mine!

It’s a privilege and pleasure to serve the Best Body community (team and members).

Winners of the Best Body membership contest announced

We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries for the Best Body Membership contest. And THANK YOU for all the amazing and thoughtful entries.

Picking two winners was very difficult (actually near impossible, that’s why I chose 3 winners). But after lots of reading and and some tears (a mix of empathy, inspiration, and appreciation), I’ve just chosen the winners early this morning whilst my family is sleeping. As my wife mentioned to me last night, so many entries would have been worthy winners!!

Anyway, if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you could take a quick sec and congratulate the winners in the comments section on this page.


Winning Entry #1:  Melanie Price – Best Body Ambassador 

“I became a member of Best Body in July 2019. I had been trying to get fit and lose those pesky kilos for years but I didn’t like the gym. I also had terrible pain in my hips and lower back. I needed to do something. Having just moved to the area really needing something I decided to give Best Body a go. The improvement in my hips was astounding. I had no pain going up stairs or playing golf. I work where there are a lot of stairs that cannot be avoided and have stairs in my home. Up until last year I had been going on and off but once COVID restrictions were in full swing I found it harder to make it and I had less motivation to do so. So I cancelled my membership…….big mistake. My hips are killing me.

I have decided it’s ME time. The last of my children are finishing year 12 and they all have their licenses so I’m not needed as much for the day to day running around. This not only took a great deal of time (I have 4 girls) but also exhausted me, leading to the severe lack of motivation.

I have just turned 57 but my brain doesn’t think that. I want to be able to still go hiking, play golf, swim and enjoy my life as an active woman.

I know this works and I know I enjoy it. I want Best Body to give me the ‘best body’ I can have.”

Winning Entry #2:  Felicity Glencross – Best Body Ambassador 

“How a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now?

Gaining strength and flexibility is my aim, and hopefully losing a bit of my tummy!

My journey:

I was very sporty as a teenager; loved netball and running. After an injury to my lower back when I was 17 I dropped out of all sports. Scans, x-rays and specialists determined there was “nothing wrong” with me, but I was always in pain.

I was always very thin – from a child right through to my 20s and 30s, dropping to 42kg after my daughter was born! I never had to exercise to ‘lose weight’, so I never prioritised exercise.

I suffered from back pain, RSI, neck tension and migraines. Osteopaths really helped with the pain, and they could see the problem with my lower back. As I got older I knew I had to do some form of strengthening exercise, but I didn’t know what. I was never going to go to a gym and lift weights. I heard about Pilates and thought about it for a while, but somehow just never found my way to a class …. because:
– I had no one to go with (I couldn’t go ON MY OWN)!
– What would I wear?! At 49 I didn’t own ‘active wear’.
– I felt self-conscious about my menopausal wobbly tummy (after finally gaining 15kg in my 40s).

Then I found Best Body on Facebook and I took the plunge, signing up for the free appraisal. This then led to me commencing Reformer Pilates, and I love it! I finally found a form of exercise that isn’t jarring, isn’t competitive, allows me to go at my own level, and doesn’t require fancy clothes and footwear (although the cute socks are a plus)!

I really love that the classes allow me to do as much or as little as I can depending on how I feel physically; ie: if my elbows lock up I can avoid rowing movements, if my wrists are sore I can lean on my forearms … the instructors always have alternatives. We’re all different ages, shapes and sizes, yet we are treated as individuals. And I love that.

Gaining strength and flexibility is my aim, and hopefully losing a bit of my tummy! Best Body has also improved my balance and coordination. I’ve actually had two falls over the last year – both purely accidents. I fell when walking on slippery rocks at the beach, and also at home when – someone who I shan’t name! – left water on the laundry floor, and I slipped on the tiles. That was a particularly hard fall, and I really winded myself and hurt my back – however I’m certain it would have been much worse if it were not for the strength I had gained through Reformer Pilates. It’s so common for women over 50 to break bones and I consider myself very lucky not to have sustained a worse injury.

My aim is to continue Reformer Pilates to maintain movement for my joints, increase my strength and keep myself as fit as I can. I see elderly ladies who have restricted mobility and I don’t want to be like that in the future. I want to be the fit 70yo who still attends Best Body, and give the young’uns a run for their money”

Winning Entry #3:  Janice Harwood – Best Body Ambassador 

“Hi Scott, thank you for the opportunity to win a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program. I am recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and currently attend your Baldivis Studio once a week. For years I was unable to do anything, let alone exercise, my muscles had wasted, my strength had gone. Anxiety and depression set in. I developed osteoporosis, my joints ached, my back hurt and my whole body felt old and worn out. I couldnt do anything and thought I was NEVER going to get better or regain my strength and vitality. Over the years I gradually got better and a year ago a physio recommended Pilates, a gentle, supportive way of exercising to regain my strength and help alleviate the pain. Id heard how good your Baldivis Studio was so I gave it a go. I liked your instructors who are kind, supportive and encouraging and that I could pace myself while getting well and not feel guilty about stopping and having a break when I needed to.

Gradually, my strength and flexibility is returning and along with it hope, and feeling of well being and happiness 🙂 I just LOVE your classes. Every bit of my body is getting toned and I fell my shape is returning. My doctors have said the osteoporisis is in remission and my bone density is “normal” ! Wow, so happy what results! Due to my ill health, I have been unable to work and now in my 60’s have retired and can only afford to attend classes once a week and buy classes when they are on special. I havent got enough classes to last me for the rest of the year. A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program would mean that I can continue to get well, both physically and mentally, helping to set me up for my older years. Thank you for caring for your BB Community, and helping some of our “senior” population stay fit 🙂 x o”



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    Everyone is very deserving and an inspiration
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