Hey, it’s Scott here, and it’s been an exciting start to the week seeing people re-activate their memberships at Innaloo and others join as early access members…

I hope you’re excited too, to get back into a routine that helps you get back to your best physically and mentally!

My favourite part of today is announcing the winner of the Best Body 3 month membership (love doing something positive during these challenging times – we’ve been hit hard, but we still want to make good things happen for you!!!)

But before I get to that, I want you to know…

The Main Purpose of Best Body

The main purpose of Best Body is to help you get pain free, build a better body, and become the best version of YOU – physically and mentally – by getting better core strength, flexibility, tone, and achieve your ideal body weight in a supportive and encouraging environment – and to feel good about making yourself a priority – ultimately so you live your best life in a body you love, without the setbacks that can be prevented.

There were many missed opportunities in my Nan’s life from health and medical professionals, so a part of our mission is to make sure we create and give those opportunities to others through the latest and best evidence based advice, coaching and support, and a holistic approach. We want to put an end to preventable suffering in the world!

Best Body was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many people suffer from back and hip problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines unnecessarily
  • Most people put themselves towards the bottom of their priority list – which leaves them exhausted and lethargic both mentally and physically
  • Too many people are not comfortable in their own skin and feel guilty about spending time doing something good for themselves

How to Become an Early Access Member of Best Body Innaloo

Simply email right now. If you want to re-activate your previous membership now, then email as well.

Early access members can re-join for $50 per week and do 3 classes per week ($16.67 per class). Available until all spots are taken.

More good news, you will be able to access other Best Body studio’s with your membership 🙂

With that said, I might as well get to the best part…


We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries for the Best Body  Membership contest. And THANK YOU for all the amazing and thoughtful entries.

Picking ONE winner was very difficult. But after lots of reading and thinking yesterday, we’ve chosen a winner. So many entries would have been worthy winners!!

Anyway, if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you could take a quick sec and congratulate the winner in the comments section on this page.


Hi Scott. Hesitate about how to answer this as I don’t want to do the whole poor me sad pain misery life spiel because positivity and mental outlook really is where the other results all begin. But, in the interest of honesty, my answer is my personal story and truth. I had a pretty blessed life leading up to my 20s. Only child , healthy , western suburb schools and home, every opportunity possible etc etc. around 22 I started to experience terrible stabbing pains through my hips, one or the other at a time. I went to doctors , Physios, chiros, scans , bloods , acupuncture , swimming etc. you name it. Nothing came of it. Was repeatedly told I was crazy and healthy and it was all in my head. I knew it wasn’t though. Throughout my 20s the pain spread to my back and became worse. Each time I would have an episode it would be completely debilitating. It got to the point where i woke up and would not get out of bed as the pain to weight bare was just too intense and I would be alone and screaming out , wetting myself because I could not make it to the bathroom to relieve myself. This happened on more than one occasion. I was so desperate for relief. I knew I couldn’t live this way and considered taking my own life a few times more than I care to admit now. It was just awful. I tried to stay positive but pain like that is all consuming. In the end I was seeing yet another Physio and she suggested I have my inflammatory markers tested and ask my doctor for such. I agreed dejectedly. Surely they would have done that on one of the other many occasions I had gone and left with only opioid pain killers!? But she was right. They were through the roof. Over this time the flare ups of my pain reached breaking point and I decided to try reformer Pilates. I had heard about it from an old friend and remembered her positive comments. Well. It saved my life ! Pilates brought me back from the brink of giving up and gave me relief that I had never thought I could experience after years of such awful pain. I felt light , happy and most importantly , hopeful for my future , for the first time in 8 years. Unfortunately life took another hard turn when my father passed away followed not long after by a devastating break up from my long term partner. This resulted in me moving into a place of my own here in innaloo for the first time in my life. And I then joined best body. I hadn’t been back long when the Covid crisis occurred and it’s been a hard time. Thank you so very much for considering me.




  1. miar

    well deserved!!!! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Kristy Heal

    Well deserved, congratulations Leilah!

  3. Jennifer Gismondi

    I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles Leilah!
    I’m delighted that you have been chosen to receive this gift! Congratulations and enjoy!
    Sending love, light and best wishes to you!

  4. Mala

    Big congratulations Leilah. It was meant for you 🙂

  5. Elena

    Congratulations Leilah!


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