Why I am excited to serve the Best Body community

[NOTE: In my last post I left you with a cliff hanger. I resolved that cliffhanger yesterday on my private email list. I had originally thought I was ready to launch publicly next month. But I wasn’t. Big things, however, are on the way…]

My business outlook changed forever the day I learned what I’m about to share with you…

It was something I personally experienced when I went from being physically and mentally out of shape to physically and mentally confident. But it didn’t click with me at the time.

In fact, what I’m about to show you has resulted in the biggest life changes I’ve ever seen.

For a number of weeks over a decade ago I worked with a client who had initially presented with back pain and hip issues…along with living a high stress lifestyle with minimal sleep.

There were days where my client was so fed up and at breaking point they just wanted to give up, and with the back pain feeling like a nail in the coffin.

It was only by chance she ended up coming to me after trying everything and everyone else over a number of years.

We worked together in person with Reformer Pilates, but also made one minor change each week outside of the studio.

It was clear my client was getting stronger, more flexible, and losing weight – and her experience of pain was becoming less and less.

Week by week we would put more boundaries in place to help transform the high stress lifestyle into a highly calm lifestyle.

At the 12 week review I asked “on a scale of 0 (being no pain) to 10 (life threatening pain), where would your back pain be at on average over the past week?”

My client mentioned “zero” – which I was super happy about, but she didn’t seem too phased by…

Then she broke down in tears…

I started to feel like I had done something wrong…I went from being super happy for my client to super concerned…

She then said something to me that brought tears to my eyes and made the world stop (at least that’s what it felt like).

She said…

“Scott, don’t get me wrong – I’m not upset to have no more back and hip issues.

I’m happy with how strong and flexible I am now, and also being able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn for years.

It’s just when we started together I was in a really bad place. I hated my life. I hated myself. I wanted the day to be over before it started.

I had felt broken for years and no one believed in me.

It wasn’t until I met you.

You believed in me, you gave me a plan, and helped me every step of the way.

Not only am I loving life again, I’m starting to like myself.

I’m sorry for crying, but they are tears of joy…”

I gave her a moment to breathe before she mentioned:

“My daughter asked me why I was so happy…”

She then took a deep breath and said…


“I told her…”


“Mummy is back!!!”


That is when I could feel what she was feeling…


I just paused and tried to hold back my tears…

That feeling I had gave me a full understanding of how important our journey was together.

And yes it was about back pain to start with, but ended up having nothing to do with back pain.

We have hundreds of clients and members who have changed their lives with us…

And more often than not the reason why someone starts with us, is not what keeps them going.


When I went through my own health transformation, I loved being stronger and fitter and having more energy, but I didn’t give it the full credit it deserved.

Prior to my transformation I had dropped out of college after failing year 11 and was mentally in a bad place with constant anxiety. I would get blurry vision with any form of exercise (a story for another day). It didn’t feel like it would ever end.

Enter Physical and Mental Transformation.

Post transformation I became a personal trainer to help others, did two health degrees, and dozens of courses and here I am today with a beautiful wife and 3 daughters – serving thousands of people each week. I feel clear and calm and grateful.

I know our members love getting pain free, strong, flexible, toned, achieving their ideal healthiest weight, and having a clear mind.

All of those things are reasons why people come to us, and are important.

But it’s not just about those things, is it?

If it’s not just about those things, what is it about?

The thing is, over the years, I’ve got to know that many of our members have put other people first for much of their adult life, with minimal to no healthy boundaries in place. For a long time.

They would choose work or other commitments over their own health, and would always put their self-care off to someday in the future (and feel guilty at the thought of spending money on their own health and wellbeing).

At Best Body we believe that those people, who have prioritised others, ahead of themselves, deserve to be supported and guided. To be able to become the very best version of themselves possible. To be able to do the things physically they want to do.

In short, to have a body and life you love. A body that serves you the way you would hope it would be able to serve you. And being able to put yourself first to be able to get that.

Isn’t that what it is really about… having a body and life that you love? To feel good about you?

And the reason I’m so excited about serving the Best Body community here?

I want you to have a body and life YOU love (you deserve it and so do your friends/family!!!).

I love the tears I experience when a member shares their health transformation with me and what it has meant to them.

Stay tuned,