Who Can Use Physiotherapy

When you picture a physiotherapy studio, you might picture pensioners stretching bands and using exercise balls, but there many people who can benefit. Every developmental age has risk of injury specific to what their life entails, and physiotherapy can help get the biomechanics back in perfect working order faster than a simple “rest it” attitude can. A well-staffed and professional state-of-the-art studio, like Happy Physio in Mount Lawley, North Perth, and Leederville, will be prepared for the diversity of their people that need them.


No one knows the extent the human body can be injured like an athlete does. They try to keep their bodies in peak physical condition when the reality is that they are constantly injured in one way or another. Sports physiotherapy can shorten the amount of time that they spend on the injured list and decrease the likelihood of complications later in life from arthritis or bone deterioration.


There are a number of health and injury risks specific to women, including pain related to back problems, pregnancy stage of life, and osteoporosis. Physiotherapy can be a great choice to make sure that your body has the best opportunity to be happy and healthy no matter what stage of life you are in. The work you put in during your younger years can really pay off during the years that your body might be more susceptible to problems.


During child bearing and after birth, the female body is forced into doing a number of mechanical alterations to distribute the weight of the baby and prepare for birth. These alterations can create points in the back and hips that have to take unusually large loads of weight and work. Increased pressure can soon result in a higher risk of injury, potentially creating risks for the baby as well. Your physiotherapist can help you through exercises to ensure that you and your baby are in a good physical state to make it through this important time of your lives.


No one on the planet probably gets injured more than a kid. They are constantly active, their bodies are growing, and they do not yet have the wisdom afforded to them by experience. Because they are constantly growing they are also at a greater risk of potential long term problems further down the line. Parents can help take an active role in the healing process by enrolling their kids in a professional child specific physiotherapy program.

Physiotherapy can help anyone better achieve their health and fitness goals no matter what stage of life they are in. Take an active role in your personal physical health and find a local physiotherapy program for you.