What is Unified Field Therapy?

Unified Field Therapy – is a holistic therapy that helps to remove any blockages from your energy field. It is a unique energy-based form that will help you to reconnect with the unified field of the universe. This non-invasive therapy is a path derived from Holistic Health.  Holistic Health is an ancient approach which will consider you as a whole person and your daily environment. This approach enhances the connection of mind, body and spirit. It targets to get maximum well-being by controlling everything at its best level.

Any symptom in Holistic medicine is considered as a message to get attention. It defines that, there is something that in not in a proper balance. This message is used to go through your mind, emotions, body and spirit in a deep level finding a way to make it function properly. The origin of life in your psychological, physical and emotional state stems from the unified field. The energy field in your body can result in an imbalance from which illness and infirmities can occur. The unified field controls the way you act and the choices you make.

The Unified Field Therapy was founded by Michael N. Linkogel. She investigated the formation of human consciousness in her twenty years of study, research, application and exploration. She has found the way to heal any trauma successfully by removing the blockages that enter’s into one’s energy field. She has opened a training and certification program in 2003, named Shifting Consciousness which is devoted to Unified Field Therapy. This training centre used to provide seminars, lectures, workshops and training programs to the general public. They are sharing their amazing work till today by helping people to find their journeys to self-discovery, transformation and healing.

The Unified Field Therapy is given in a private and confidential environment to make you feel relaxed. You can stay fully clothed. A massage table is used for this therapy. You will be asked to lie with your face up on the massage table in a comfortable position. Your eyes need to be closed and your attention will be focused on internal functions. A session can last up to 40-60 minutes. The therapist will evaluate, palpate and integrate the fields of consciousness around your surroundings. The technique of the therapist can vary to work on different clients. If you want to get the best result, you have to communicate with your therapist explaining how your consciousness integrates. Once the therapist can locate the source of your blockage, he can assess the precise source that is causing you physical or mental pain. The therapist will guide the power of the field to get rid of any blockages. He can do it is a more constructive and beneficial form by shaping the energy in your consciousness.

The result of this therapy can vary for different persons. You may not get the best result if you are unable to detect your pattern. People who have taken this therapy has reported positive changed to their lifestyle. The common impact was increased level of energy, freedom, patience, self esteem and clarity. They have also faced a decreased level of physical and mental stress. The therapy has reduced their chronic pains in acute conditions. You can take 4-6 session to get a significant change. There are no limitations on the session. You can determine the frequency of the sessions based on your goal. The journey of the self-discovery will be your target in this therapy.

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