What is Bindegewebsmassage? Who’s it for?

“It’s the best damn massage I’ve ever had!”
– Laura Hannigan, American athlete on Bindegewebsmassage

Massages have a long history when it comes to finding the origin. According to historical researches, massages have been in existence long before the birth of the Christ. Ancient Chinese and Indian documents dating back to 5000 years include a number of techniques and practices similar to modern massages.

However, what differentiates these ancients massage therapies from the modern ones is the fact that while the ancient massage therapists used to work blindly in term of medical benefits and impact on the body, modern massages work with advanced medical researches and other studies aimed at relieving the body’s pain and stressed through gentle sessions of body massages.

Among these modern massages, one that stands out by virtue of its worldwide acceptance and effect on the body is the Bindegewebsmassage therapy. Not only is it popular among athletes and common working people alike, it has a number of deep rooted benefits that other massage therapies fail to achieve.

Elizabeth Dicke developed the bindegewebsmassage therapy in 1929. However, widespread use of the therapy began as late as 1938, since when it has been in practice in the hospitals, as well as in private massage sessions.

Principles of Bindegewebsmassage

The principles of Bindegewebsmassage are pretty much simple, and easy to comprehend. According to Bindegewebsmassage theories, the entire system of the body is affected if the slightest change is made to any part of the body. Any disruption or imbalance in the body can result in disastrous effects on the internal organs, the nervous system and hormone system are examples of that kind. These systems are affected by external stimulations both in negative and positive ways, and Bindegewebsmassage attempts to harness the positive effects of making these changes to achieve physical and psychological harmony.

So how is the Bindegewebsmassage done? In truth, the basic arrangements and external setting are similar to any other massage therapy available out there, as the client is told to lie on a massage board, a bed or simply on the floor. Oils and other associated materials, however, are never used in this therapy. Nonetheless, what makes the difference is the internal working of the Bindegewebsmassage massage, as it employs a massaging technique that differs vastly in terms of the process and effect on the body.

In application, bindegewebsmassage uses light strokes on the external, superficial skin to achieve a gentle, soothing rhythm. The goal of the massage is to relax the muscles right under the skin, treating any muscle knots, clots in the blood supply and easing the nerves.

A remarkable similarity of the bindegewebsmassage is to the classical acupuncture. Even though Bindegewebsmassage uses light touch of the fingers instead of needles specially designed for the body to release stress and aches, both of the massage techniques use the same set of principles while tending to the body. It is one of the reasons why it is called one of the connective tissue therapies, as instead of easing the body on the whole, it focuses on localized muscles treatment, which in practice eases all the tissues connected to it.

Bindegewebsmassage is very much effective for a number of tissue discomforts and ailments. If applied properly, it helps ease the sore muscles and reduce numbness. It can help decrease lower back and spinal aches as well. Also, it can be used with great effect in making the muscles for flexible and restore blood flow to tendons and other joints to ensure better exercise of the muscles on the inside of the body. These massages are also therapeutic for organs and muscles that get less workout than other muscles throughout the day.

However, in spite of its being one of the most effective therapies around, there are very few expert therapists available who can perform the massage perfectly. As of 2008, there were only a dozen of experts in the United Stated who offered the service.

All in all, it can be said that bindegewebsmassage is a great way to relax your sore body muscles and restore blood flow throughout the body. If you have access to a bindegewebsmassage expert, why don’t you give it a try today?

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