How we are different

The Old Way

( Biomedical approach )

The New Way

( Biopsychosocial approach )

Our approach

We help people move from feeling physically & mentally lost to physically & mentally unstoppable by prioritising selfcare.
If you were living your best life – what would you be doing, feeling & thinking?

Core purpose

To help every mother on the planet put self-care first.

“There were many missed opportunities in my Nan’s life by health and medical professionals, to improve her quality of life and longevity. As a result, she experienced further suffering and I believe she passed on before her time should have been up, which had challenging ripple effects through our family. I do not wish this upon anyone else’s family or friends, hence we’re obsessed and committed to create opportunities for every person on this planet to live their best life.”

Scott Wescombe /   Founder of Best Body

Giving Back

Best Body contributes to dozens of local and global initiatives, that help create opportunities for people who are less privileged.

School for Life

Through the ‘She Could Be’ initiative by the School for Life Foundation – young Ugandan girls are now getting access to a high-quality education, food and water, and healthcare needs. Best Body is currently sponsoring 81 girls with a view to increasing it to 303 girls by the end of 2025. Girls have it much tougher than the boys in their village where getting an education is frowned upon and often discouraged – which just continues the cycle of poverty.

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