Want to live longer? It’s all in how you breathe

As you read this, think about how you’re breathing. Is it shallow? You’re also probably slumping forward and are tensed while facing your computer. If this is the case, then it’s worth warning you that you are depriving your body of physical and mental nourishment.

Breathing is an important process in the sustainability of our lives. This is because it’s the way through which our internal organs are supplied with the oxygen necessary for cell physiology. In fact, our brain consumes more than 20% of all the oxygen we inhale. Without breathing, brain and organ damage would be prevalent and we would die within minutes.

The reality is that most of us have no idea of the correct method by which to breathe. As funny as it may sound, you’ve probably been breathing wrongly all your life. This has a lot to do with the change to a more sedentary lifestyle due to technology taking over difficult tasks such as transport.

Shallow breathing is the main reason to oxygen insufficiency because our lungs do not exercise enough to increase their holding capacity. Without oxygen, we become fatigued and there is little circulation of nourishing blood to the body. The result is an excessive build up of toxins, and what’s next is a slippery slope to ill health and frequent diseases. Oxygen deprivation also results in premature aging, weaker immune system, and a reduction in vitality.

Change your breathing today!

The good thing is that your breathing can easily be rectified if you follow these healthy tips for a greater lung capacity.

  1. Get a better posture- If you’re used to slouching and slumping, then change this as you’re putting a lot of weight on your lungs. Shorter breaths are actually caused by high pressure to the lungs. In fact, your lungs are literally gasping for air when you slouch and drag yourself around.
  2. Focus on nose-breathing­- Your nose is biologically engineered to sieve dust and impurities, warm cold air, and detect noxious fumes. Hence, breathing through your nose is healthier than through your mouth; which is engineered for eating
  3. Breathe deeply and slowly- Your lungs are precious organs and hence, you should treat them accordingly. Inhale deeply and slowly, pushing the stomach forward in a gentle manner to ensure your lungs fill up with a lot of oxygen.

Lastly, ensure to incorporate an exercise program to your daily routine. Exercise is a powerful tool for increased lung capacity, and an overall benefit to a longer, healthier life.