Use Pilates to Ease Your Back Pain

Pilates at Happy Physio: Lower Back pain and back pain in general are common occurrences among modern men and women. Currently, working people are the biggest victims of such aches, which often result in unbearable degrees of spasm around the aforementioned regions. Even though a number of therapies and exercises have been developed in the past to treat this issue, only a few have stood the test of time and gained widespread acceptance. Pilates is one of these exercise, credited with being one of the most effective exercises to address back pains.

An important question to acknowledge is why are these back pains so common these days? A key culprit of back pain is the use of chairs in the workplace. In the modern workplace, workers are required to sit on a chair in front of a computer or at a desk for as long as eight to nine hours straight. The structure of the human body was not designed for purposes such as this. Such long periods of time spent in a sitting position gravely impairs the back muscles. When you are sitting at your desk or in front of the monitor, all but the back muscles in your body are inactive. This puts great pressure on the back muscles, resulting in back pains.

Another cause of back pain is poor posture. The term posture is used to refer to explain the way one sits, walks and moves around. The right posture while sitting or standing is to keep the spine and back straight, with the shoulders loose and downward to keep the stiffness from the straight back at a minimum. This simple and basic positioning of the body is often not followed by most men and women. This may be due to the lack of knowledge, or simply sheer negligence. Sitting in a wrong posture for extended periods of time can result in muscle spasms, and more frighteningly, corrosion of back muscles. As a result of consistent incorrect posture, many people find it almost impossible to sit in the right posture at all since their supporting back muscles have already given away.

One less common, yet significantly serious reason of back pain is manual labor that puts immense pressure on your back. Construction workers, bellboys and carriers are the worst sufferers of this sort of back pain. These aches can force the spinal cord to be damaged on a permanent basis if the back is not properly cared for.

So how can Pilates help you if you are suffering from back pains? If you are having periods of severe back pain that is practically impossible to bear, medication and emergency help of a doctor is what you need instead of therapies. However, if you back pain is not an emergency case, Pilates can tend to any back pain in general, be it chronic back pain, temporary spasms or common stiffness.

The traditional Pilates, the form of Pilates that Joseph Pilates himself developed, it the best form of workout to treat back pains. One of the basics of the classical Pilates is to build core strength, and to do so, the back muscles and the areas adjacent to the spine are relaxed, easing out the ache. Also, through proper therapeutic exercises on the back, pains in those areas can be alleviated to a great extent.

Along with releasing the pain, Pilates will also help you rebuild any on the back muscles you might have damaged while sitting in a bad posture. Together with the reinforced back muscles, you will have less to worry about regarding your back.

Happy Physio offers one on one thirty minute Pilates sessions with our popular and experienced exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. Pilates at Happy Physio is used to treat and rehabilitate a wide range of injuries and pain, in particular back pain, assisting our clients in building strength and flexibility.

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Since now you know the effects Pilates can have on your back, the next time you feel discomfort in your back area, try to use Pilates as a tool to relieve yourself of some of the pain.