Trigger Point Therapy in Perth


How many times have it happened to you that you wake up in the morning, unable to move your neck or feeling a very stiff back? With hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, this is a very common phenomenon. Such stiffness or localized numbing pain in the body is commonly referred to as knots in the body. However, in reality, the ‘term’ knot is just a popular name for trigger points, which is also sometimes referred to as myofascial pain syndrome. However, these pains can be greatly relieves using therapies and other massaging techniques.

Before going into the details for trigger point therapies, let us first shed a little light on trigger points. What exactly are these menacing little points on the body that cause so much pain? According to experts, a trigger point is a small point of closely concentrated muscles on the body that affect only a very small area surrounding it. When this part gets too concentrated, it separates itself from the central blood supply system of the body, causing immense irritation and numbing pain. When a number of such trigger points form in adjacent spots on the body, it is collectively referred to as a myofascial pain syndrome.

The effects of trigger points on the body are manifold. Unlike the popular notion that trigger point pains are usually low-grade pains having less effect on the body, pains caused by this point can be utterly severe. Also, they can add to existing pains, increasing the whole level of discomfort in the body to a whole new level. Furthermore, pressure points can often mimic other bodily pains, in which cases they often lead to possible wrong treatment and further complications.


The Various Parts of the Body That Are Affected Most by Trigger Points


–       Are the head, neck, jaw and back. Carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain are two most common side effects of trigger points. Dizziness, nausea, earaches, heart pain and tennis elbow are some of the other commonly known effects of these points on the body. Furthermore, severe chronic problems like sinus pain, congestion, fatigue and weaker immune system to infections and diseases are also attributed to trigger points.

Interestingly, even after modern medicine’s amazing development, there has been little innovation in the field of relieving muscle pains. The reason behind this is that muscle tissue is one of the largest, most wide-spread and complex organs of the body that tend to be vulnerable to external and internal stimulations to a great extent. Also, body aches and pains are not considered pressing enough for doctors, especially surgeons to spend their times on. What little modern medicine covers in the field of muscle pain relieving is simply the muscle relaxants and pain killers.

So, if trigger points are so common in humans and there is very little modern science and medicine can do for you, how can you escape these painful occurrences, or at least reduce the effects of them? Well, one of the most affordable and handy ways is therapies. Trigger point therapies are getting popular worldwide due to the fact that there actually have been numerous cases where people have reported these therapies to be successful for their body aches and pains.

Effective Trigger Point Therapy

For trigger point therapies to work effectively, first you need to locate the trigger point that are causing you discomfort. Then a steady flow of pressure needs to be put on the point, or the knot, which will stretch the point and restore blood circulation. The pressure works better if put by hands or knuckles, and can be applied by either yourself or someone else, preferably a massage therapist or someone with the basic knowledge of massaging. For hard to reach spots, there are low-cost devices available in the market that can do the job for you by applying artificial gentle pressure.

In conclusion, it can be said that pressure points can cause a very nagging feeling of ache, for which medicine and physicians have very little tangible solutions apart from painkillers. However, trigger point therapies are greatly useful in relieving such pains at little to no cost with very little effort. If you’re suffering from such aches, why don’t you give trigger point therapies a try today?

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