Top 4 Popular Yoga Questions Beginners Ask

So you just decided to join a yoga class. Great!

But you feel self-conscious doing something new, like attending a first yoga class. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. But we’re here to help you answer the most common beginner yoga questions.

1. What Kind of Yoga Suits Me Best?

There are many kinds of yoga. So choose the one that can fill in your needs.

If you’re looking for a yoga class with a touch of workout, try a Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga. These classes are great for strength training. While most forms of yoga may be ideal for flexibility and meditation, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga make you lift and hold your entire body weight constantly.

Want stretches? Try Yin Yoga. This incorporates passive postures done mainly on the floor. It focuses more on meditation and very deep physical focus. Here, you’re accessing your deeper tissues such as connective tissue and fascia. Many of these poses focus on areas where your joints are, like hips, scrum and spine.

If you want something that’s not quite Power Yoga and not entirely Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga may be the one you’re looking for. Hatha Yoga includes a set of physical exercises (asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas that put your skin, muscles, and bones into proper alignment. Designed to open many channels in your body, especially the main channel which is the spine, Hatha Yoga allows energy to move freely within your body.

2. What Level Am I?

If you’ve never joined yoga classes before, take the beginner levels. These can be either beginner or experienced beginner. All of our classes are suitable for beginner at the moment.

Beginner classes are for those who have had no previous yoga experience. This is where you learn and start experiencing the benefits of a yoga practice. Here, you need slow-paced direction and great attention to detail so you can familiarise yourself with basic yoga poses and proper breathing.

On the other hand, experienced beginner classes are for those who have had some previous yoga experience. This is where you can explore your practice and learn more poses and use of breath. If you’re already familiar with basic yoga poses and proper alignment, this level is for you.

3. How Often Should I Do Yoga?

Like any other exercises, you reap more benefits the more often you do yoga. If you’re looking to use yoga as a part of your cross-training routine or for general fitness, aim to perform yoga minimum of 2-3 times a week. 2 sessions a week would be fine if you can’t attend 3 sessions.

4. I Don’t Want to Look Like a Beginner. What Should I Do?

You really don’t have to be self-conscious when joining a class for the first time. Nevertheless, here are some tips that might be helpful:

  • Be punctual. Arrive at the yoga studio 10 minutes earlier.
  • Wear appropriate attire. Your clothes should be comfortable and stretchy since you’ll be doing a lot of different poses. You might also be doing upside down poses or one-leg lift, so assure wearing something that will not expose your body parts that aren’t supposed to be exposed. 🙂
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before doing yoga. If possible, do yoga on an empty stomach.
  • Remember that yoga always involves deep breathing, so avoid wearing strong perfumes.

Yoga isn’t about competition. So don’t worry about catching up with other people in class. Possibly, you might even meet a lot of newbies too!
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