The Toned & Strong 2 Week Program

Want to be Toned & Strong, without going to a sweaty and scary gym?


Well the good news is we’ve designed a proven starter program just for you – with limited spots available each week until we close this down.


The outcome is simple: to get you Toned & Strong.


Imagine…in 2 weeks, waking up feeling so energised and noticing your clothes are starting to feel loose…

You then catch up with good friends for a coffee and before you sit down they say “wow! you look great, what have you been doing?”

Feeling physically and mentally lighter, you look at the Insta photo from your cafe catch up and see that you are glowing.

Finally you finish your productive day with a Best Body Signature Reformer Pilates session. You feel so proud for doing something healthy and positive for yourself, which is something you deserve anyway, right?


If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please keep reading as the program is not right for everyone…


Is The Toned & Strong 2 Week Program for you?

  • If you have never done Reformer Pilates before or are new to Best Body
  • Want a strong, lean, toned (particularly tummy and arms) healthy body
  • Would like to improve body mobility and flexibility

Then YES, The Toned & Strong 2 Week Program is for YOU! 


What makes Best Body different?

  1. Best Body is owned by a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist – so you’re in safe hands
    • We use a science based holistic approach to Reformer Pilates to ensure every member receives the right guidance, technique and support for them
  2. Our focus is NOT on doing high intensity or high sweat sessions
    • For us it’s about what is best for YOU and your body, so we personalise it based on where you are at versus trying to “smash everyone”
  3. We pride ourselves on providing a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment (with the best equipment) 
    • It’s not about being Insta models wearing bikinis, crop tops, and sports bras to class – it’s fine if people enjoy it, but it’s just not what we’re about


What does The Toned & Strong 2 Week Program include?

  • 4 x Best Body Signature Reformer Pilates Sessions (valued at $42 per session)
    • Physio approved low impact calorie burning strength and flexibility workouts, designed to nourish both mind and body.
  • The Toned & Strong 2 Week Guide (valued at $97)
    • Eliminate any guess work with a step-by-step daily guide to become toned and strong – it includes 18 Toned Recipes by our qualified Nutritionist.
  • Please note:
    • After the first 2 weeks there will be an auto renewal to The Comfortable Lifestyle membership at $55 per week (which includes 2 x Best Body Signature Reformer Pilates sessions), so you can continue your Toned & Strong journey.
    • If you do not wish to continue for any reason, just let us know so we can set your membership to end.
    • We don’t have any lock-in contracts and we guarantee every session – so there is no risk of getting caught out – we’re genuinely here to serve you!


When are the Reformer Pilates sessions on?

  • Our boutique studios have a range of convenient times available
    • Generally from 6am through to 8pm weekdays (except Friday nights at most studios)
    • Saturday mornings (and a few studios offer Sunday mornings)
    • More sessions are added to the schedule when required


What is my investment?       $42

This includes

  • 4 x Best Body Signature Reformer Pilates sessions (valued at $42 per session)
  • The Toned & Strong 2 Week Guide (valued at $97)

All this for just $42 for the full 2 weeks – that’s just $21 per week (or $3 per day)


What if I don’t love it?

  • We’ll refund you the full $42 and throw in an extra $5 for a delicious cup of coffee on us (we call it The Coffee Guarantee – as we know most people will at least love a hot cuppa!)
  • So best case scenario is you love it and get results and worst case scenario is you walk away with a Best Body experience and a coffee on us


How do I get started?

Step 1: Click below to download our app on your phone

Step 2: Choose the most convenient location for you

Step 3: Purchase the Toned & Strong 2 Week Program (it will start from the date of purchase)

Step 4: Book your first Reformer Pilates session – find a convenient day and time for you

Step 5: Check your email for The Toned & Strong 2 Week Guide

Make sure to check all of your email folders and then drag it to your primary inbox – so you don’t miss out on future correspondence.

Please note:

  • We have limited spots available each week
  • We will be closing this down once we have no spots left
  • Download the app, follow the prompts, and get started so you don’t miss out!