The Little-Known Principle Of Accumulative Health

Physio Podcast Transcript:

Did you know that our health is the accumulative sum of the way we’ve treated it over time? If you mis-treated your body as a young adult but then realized the errors and started living a healthier lifestyle – that the mis-treatment can still affect your overall health and life. Did you know that?

Unfortunately very few people actually realize this. They fail to acknowledge that the stress they put on their body accumulates over time. If we treat our body well throughout our life we will be healthier and live longer. If we have periods of mis-treatment, those periods will impact our future health as well as our health at that point in time.

It would be wrong to think that you can mis-treat or abuse your body now because you are young without affect on your future health. Understand that any mis-treatment of your body has an affect on your accumulative health.

The longer the periods of mis-treatment the greater impact it has on your healthy future. This doesn’t mean there is no hope for you now, because you mis-treated your body as a youngster, it just means you are going to need work harder on being healthier.

Mis-treatment of your body can come in many forms; it could be lack of sleep, lack of exercise, weight gain, or stress to just name a few factors. The more intense the mis-treatment the greater the future harm on your body.

Imagine your body as a car. Each time you mistreat your body it’s like crashing your car. The crash leaves a mark on your car like the mistreatment of your body leaves a mark on your health.

While the car may still run after a crash the more crashes it has the harder it is for the car to operate. A car that has been crashed a lot will last a shorter period of time. A car that has been crashed very little will last a longer period of time.

Also the car will need more love and attention to start and stay on the road the more it crashes. This is the same with your body. The more your body is mistreated the more marks it has and the harder it becomes to function.

This is the accumulative affect of the treatment you give to your body over time. This is one of the strongest cases for living a healthy and active lifestyle ALL the time not just as you age.

Imagine only starting to look after your car and avoiding situations where you may crash, after you’ve already crashed it 10 times. While it may lengthen the life of the car it would never be as long as if you’d started looking after it earlier.

The earlier you look after your body, the better health you will have and the longer life you will live. If you want to have positive experiences as you age, if you want to live with less pain and illness as you age, then you need to look after your body as early as possible.

A recent research report said that up to 70% of people that die report severe discomfort in the period leading up to their death. This discomfort could ease and your life could extend if you take the time to start looking after your health and your body right now.

Don’t wait until you accumulate too many more marks on your health. Be proactive and look after your health! You deserve to live your best life possible – starting today!!