The Benefits of Dance Physio in Perth

The benefits of dance are endless – dance burns calories, releases endorphins (the happy hormone!), relieves stress, builds bone density, increases cardiovascular endurance and tones and strengthens muscles and bones. That being said, if you dance often, especially on hard floors, you’re putting extreme stress on your joints, muscles and ligaments. Dancers with minor injuries such as stress fractures and muscle pain are common in our Perth physiotherapy clinics.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: dance physiotherapists at Happy Physio treat pain and injuries in dance professionals, and are just as helpful preventing pain and injuries!

With dance physiotherapy the physiotherapists are charged with making you look and feel great on stage, at rehearsal, in class and on the street. The physiotherapists take that responsibility very seriously, as their clients will tell you. Whenever someone asks why they should consider coming to dance physio, we tell them the same reason: to look and feel great on stage and beyond, you’ve got to take care of yourself – and physios help you do that!  Below are five benefits of dance physiotherapy in Perth:

We help you move your body evenly. From the moment your choreographer teaches you a combination, you’ll be moving your body the same way, repeating the same movements, for hours, days, weeks- maybe months. Dancers don’t realize it, but their bodies are rarely worked evenly. Dance physiotherapy gives dancers an opportunity to tone, strengthen and develop all the muscle groups evenly, which prevents injury in the long run.

Get back to the basics. When was the last time you focused – really focused- on your turnout? Have you been paying attention to how you hold your pelvis as you go through your floor combinations? All dancers- from novices to professionals- could do with a reminder about proper form, especially when it comes to core strength. Core strength prevents pain and a variety of common injuries.

Improve flexibility with dance physiotherapy. In Perth, there is quite a bit of competition in the dance world. Being the strongest, most flexible dancer goes a long way toward making a good impression. Working with a physiotherapist allows you to focus on increasing your range of motion without the pressures of a teacher, choreographer or fellow dancers breathing down your neck.

Increase your cardiovascular endurance. Being out of breath is exhilarating- until it makes you fall out of a turn or land a jump clumsily! Rather than working through the same combinations in class or practice to build endurance, dance physiotherapy shows you new routines and exercises that increase your cardiovascular endurance while working all your muscle groups and strengthening your bones.

Receive treatment for the little aches and pains before they blow up. Sore back? Cracking joints? If you’re already seeing a dance physio in Perth, you can cut to the chase and receive treatment for your ailments, complete with tips and strategies about how to prevent them from getting worse or repeatedly ailing you. As we always like to say, the best treatment for pain in Perth dancers is going to a physiotherapist before pain occurs.

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