Susana has used her experience, intuition, sensitivity, compassion, creativity and thoughtfulness as well as influential strategies and methods to help others.

She has 19 years of experience in health and fitness industry from owning and managing a lady’s only fitness club as well as being a trainer-adviser in TV shows and radio programs in, she coaches her clients in the holistic art of body, mind and spiritual living. She has conduct more than 12,000 classes and assisted and motivated more than 180,000 participants.

The ideas and method that she uses also helps in improving self-confidence and reduces the feelings of depression as well as anxiety. The training sessionz helps clients in energy clearing and emotional healing, helping women to live better and successful live by getting fit physically, spiritually and mentally.

Susana loves doing holistic sessions that  “connects mind, body & spirit”, develops a positive energy balance, corrects posture, revitalizes, refreshes the mind and elevates the spirit to our higher self.

Her favourite training styles are Pilates, Yoga, Funtional training in the QueenAx with the Silks:

Her focus for my clients are;

connects mind, body & spirit
Maintain & gane a flat stomach,
weight loss & weight management
Improve self-confidence
Improve movility, strength and flexibility
Improve posture & reduces back pain
Help my beautiful clients to feel and look good always as well as feel happy, yough and fit

Certificate 3&4 fitness
Certificate 4 in front line management
Certificate 4 in Training & Assesment
Pilates Spain
Pilates Australia
Results Coach & Hypnosis
QueenAx Funtional training silks
Published author of the book:  Workouts for Women lose weight, feel and look good with Hypnolates