Tap into the power of meditation with these 3 secrets

Meditation has been around since the dawn of modern man.

The belief that there is a spiritual plane only accessible through mind-relaxation has always held a sense of mystery and fascination to us. Believe it or not, back in medieval times, meditation was considered demonic by the ancient churches of Europe; only punishable by death. With the enlightenment of the human race, people have begun to discover the amazing revitalizing abilities of meditation through sub-forms such as yoga.

If you’ve just started on meditation, here are 3 secrets you won’t learn in a class, but they will definitely help you tap into its limitless potential.

  1. Your brain channels your spirit.

The brain is a fascinating organ whose marvels are yet to fully be discovered. People who have mastered meditation can attest to how the mind is able to leave the body and enter a state of rest. Leave that to the religious monks who have been practicing for decades. Scientifically speaking, meditation triggers a lower response of information in highly evolved parts of the brain such as the frontal lobe. A quick recap of biology class, did you know that the frontal lobe is where our emotions, self-consciousness and reasoning are processed? Hence, all emotional aspects can easily be handled by the power of meditation.

  1. Healing is a Spiritual state, not a Physical one

As earlier said, the power of the mind exceeds our wildest dreams. For instance, have you heard of the common saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine?’ This saying actually holds basis because whenever you feel sick and someone makes you laugh, your brain releases endorphins which stimulate a feel good sensation; immediately numbing pain or illness. Now, the healing capability of laughter dwarfs that of meditation, so imagine the level of healing your body can undergo with the right state of mind? We’re talking the cure of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, you name it.

  1. Get in touch with the Universe’s energy

Lastly, ever heard of a book called ‘The Secret?’ Well, this practically summarizes what meditation can do for you in a nutshell. Forget about all the conspiracy theories you’ve heard; when you visualize your dreams and goals while meditating, your will be inspired like never before. The mind is mastered by habits, and this is exactly what happens when you begin to see yourself attaining your goals. You will be wiring yourself for success.