Swedish Massage Therapy in Perth

History of Swedish Massage

What might make you curious is that Swedish massage was not originated in Sweden and it was not even created by any Swede! Henry Peter Ling is given credit for developing the Swedish Massage Therapy but this might stun you that the “Ling’s Swedish Gymnastic Movements” or the curriculum of the Royal Central Gymnastic Institute which was founded by Peter Ling did not include Swedish massage !

Mostly in America, the term “Swedish Massage” is used for most basic massage methods. And Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger is the man who invented the systematic massage, now known as the Swedish or classical massages therapy.

Apart from history, everyone is much more interested in how this massage benefits oneself. This type of massage uses mild and firm pressure that improves circulation and releases muscle pain, soreness and relaxes the muscles. It is very popular in massage parlors and spas.

Benefits of the Swedish Massage

One of the many popular functions of the Swedish massage is that it relieves stress and tension. It helps the muscle relax in such a way that you feel your inner tensions disappear. In our everyday lives, we tend to be very busy we even forget to relax even in our sleep! This massage will help us relax more not just improve our sleeping patterns but also when we’re awake.

A Swedish Massage can increase ones flexibility through the stretching of the ligaments. It can help you with the dilation of body vessel that helps to wash out harmful toxics acids. The red blood cells are increased through the massage and this protects our body. So in a nutshell this whole process helps your body in a way that your body itself initiates a natural healing process.

The Swedish massage which is a full body massage typically relaxes most muscle groups and it helps the body tissue to flash out some harmful acids like uric and lactic acid, and it also helps to flash out other metabolic waste from the tissue of body. One’s body is partially covered by a sheet while taking the massage and the masseur uses “massage oil or lotion” so that the strokes would be smooth and firm.

There are many types of massages and you can choose considering your own needs. You can also discuss with the masseur about your needs and take their suggestions. Here we may give you a brief look on the common facilities that most Spas offer along with their special benefits.

The Different Massage Strokes

An Effleurage massage stroke relaxes your body muscle from neck to end of spine and from shoulder to fingers tip. It helps the blood flow in heart as well as the lymphatic flow of heart. On the other hand a Petrissage massage strokes classically lifts the muscle up from the bone and roll them and squeeze them. The motions that a masseur uses while doing Petrissage massage helps to create deep muscle circulation that results in releasing toxins from nerve tissue and muscle of your body. And of course clearly help your body to relax.

In Swedish massage therapy, the friction massage stroke helps your muscle joints to get flexibility and improves the muscle joints by reliving soreness and discomfort. Through this particular massage stroke the masseur uses their thumb pads or fingertips to create firm and deep pressure on your muscle joints and beside spinal bones. It heals your back pain and also you muscle fibers. The common term for the tapotement strokes is “The karate chop”. Here the one who is taking the treatment uses his or her hand to strike or tap the muscles and this result in stimulating the muscles.

“The vibration or shaking stroke” is basically helpful for lower back pain. Masseur press their hands or finger tips to create vibration that stimulates your blood flow. It is important to note that these massages will be beneficial for you if you get them from certified masseur. As there are many tricks like all the strokes should always end towards the heart otherwise the massage might not have good results on you. So always pick the best masseur and also pick the best massage type that suits you.

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