Strengthening Your Ankle After a Sprain

No one is immune to a sprain — they affect people of all ages. One of the most common being an ankle sprain, affecting people of all ages and activity levels. When the ankle is twisted, commonly referred to as inversion, the ligament become damaged. This can occur during a wide range of activities, especially high intensity sports.


For the vast majority of sprains, surgery is not required. Even in severe cases, ligaments will heal, especially when effective treatment plans are followed. Ankle sprain physio in Perth is the perfect solution when it comes to healing more rapidly. Working with a physiotherapist will also help reduce your risk of complications.


Why Choose Physiotherapy for a Sprained Ankle?


Perhaps you rolled your ankle during a basketball game; twisted it while jogging; or simply stepped too hard off the curb while walking your dog — regardless of the situation, the end result is the same. If you have sprained your ankle, you may be experiencing swelling, reduced mobility, pain, bruising, and stiffness; all which can be addressed through ankle pain physio in Perth.


Once you have sprained your ankle, you significantly increase your risk of a re-occurring injury. When you take the right approach post-injury, however, you can dramatically decrease this risk. Not only will physio help strengthen your ankle, effectively rehabilitating the affected area, specialised techniques will also prevent re-injury.


Within one study, published in Medicine & Science in Sports, ankle ligament sprains and injury prevention were examined. Two groups participated — the control group received the same information on early ankle mobilisation as the experimental or ‘training’ group, however, they did not receive physical therapy rehabilitation.


Those in the ‘training’ group received one hour of physio, twice weekly, with a key focus on balance training. Researchers found that 29 percent of the control group suffered a re-injury, whereas just 7 percent of the training group suffered from another injury. It was concluded that supervised physio may play a significant role in injury prevention.


By seeking physio-related treatment, you will essentially reduce pain, better control inflammation, regain functioning, restore balance, strengthen surrounding muscles and joints, boost agility, and much more. If you are aiming to get back into high intensity sports or competitions, this approach will be the most rapid and effective.


Here’s How to Strengthen Your Ankle After a Sprain


Depending on your injury, treatment will differ. For some, bones are also fractured, requiring a more thorough approach. Based on numerous factors, you will receive a rehabilitation plan that targets your personal needs. As function improves, you will progress to more advanced phases of treatment.


Within the first phase, swelling and inflammation are targeted. This can be achieved through methods such as ice packs, gentle movement and/or massage. In some cases, massage is required in order to guide excess tissue fluid away from the ankle. Of course, early invention is critical in order to achieve optimal results.


A great guide for initial treatment is RICE — rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Since the ankle will be extremely tender and fragile, crutches are recommended in order to reduce the amount of weight placed on the damaged ankle. Ice, compression, and elevation all target swelling. In some cases, mild pain relievers may also be used to help ease discomfort and excessive swelling.


Once you have regained motion, light exercise and massage can improve your range of motion. At this point, you will want to improve function and prevent the development of poorly formed scar tissue. Next, you’ll want to restore strength — targeting your foot, calf, and ankle muscles.


Once you’ve healed, it’s important to address the potential reasons why you sprained your ankle in the first place. This can essentially help prevent recurrence. If you have a high arch, you may need to address your footwear; if you have poor balance, you may benefit from training.


The appropriate course of action will highly depend on your personal circumstance, lifestyle, and activity level. Remember, address a sprain as soon as possible in order to prevent future complications. By seeking ankle physio in Perth, you can ensure that you’ll be back to normal in no time.


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