Sports Physiotherapy in Perth for Cramping Muscles

Cramping muscles are common for people of all ages in sport. These are sudden and involuntary spasms in one or more muscles in the body and can happen anytime. Every person that participates in sport is prone to this condition because cramping muscle usually occurs due to nerves that malfunction. This is quite common due to the constant use of the muscles in the body. However, there are instances that cramping muscles may be more serious as it seems due to pre-existing health problems, injuries, dehydration, pinched nerves and even lack of vitamins and minerals. Cramping of the muscles also happens when there’s not enough blood circulating in the muscles.

Cramping muscles are painful. The good thing is, it normally happens for a few seconds or minutes. This can be treated through stretching and gentle massaging of the affected area. For those with medical problems and have recurring cramping muscles, it is best to seek professional help from a licensed Perth sports physiotherapist in order to get appropriate treatment for this condition.

Basic treatments for cramping muscles:

More often than not, sports people resort to home remedies or basic treatments when they experience cramping muscles. Some of the immediate actions in reducing the pain include stopping the current activity and getting ample rest, muscle stretching, taking of pain relievers, getting a massage or conducting cold or heat therapy.

Sports Physiotherapy treatments for cramping muscles:

A qualified sports physiotherapist will take note of the patient’s medical history and will conduct a physical exam. This will enable him or her to understand how the cramping muscles began, how long this has been happening and how long each flare-up lasts. After this initial assessment, the sports physiotherapist can start coming up with specific treatments that will help the patient in the long run. Some effective physiotherapy exercises to combat this condition can be found here.

Since there are combinations of factors that cause cramping muscles, there’s no single treatment that can entirely cure this medical conditions. With this mindset, physiotherapists tend to approach in treating cramping muscles in a multi-strategy approach. This means that certain techniques in deep tissue and joint mobilization and muscle retraining can be done. For  elite athletes, experts in sports physiotherapy can implement endurance and strength exercises and even plyometrics in order to prevent fatigue and neuromuscular imbalances for the players during game play.

The physiotherapists can also suggest specific exercises that the patients can do by themselves. These methods include improving blood flow through the muscles, changing of breathing patterns, stress management and relaxation techniques. The patients will also be educated on proper postures when doing daily activities.

Prevention of Muscle Cramping:

Sports physiotherapists agree that the best way to prevent cramping muscles is for people to maintain a decent amount of flexibility, meaning, living a more active lifestyle. In addition, the much needed vitamins and minerals should be consumed by eating healthy foods or consuming vitamin supplements. It also doesn’t hurt to get a little bit of sunlight to have Vitamin D which plays a major role in body’s absorption of necessary minerals. Last and not the least, get oneself hydrated all the time by drinking enough amounts of water.

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