Sports Physiotherapy for Quadricep Injury

The quadriceps, quadies, or quads are groups of muscles just located on the opposite side of your hamstring or thigh.  Your quads are composed of four different muscle groups which are your rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius. These muscle groups are the one responsible for controlling the knee and hip movements during activities like sprinting, jumping and swimming.

Your quadriceps muscles are one of the most used muscle groups and because of this they become very prone to different kinds of injuries. An injury to your quadriceps can be debilitating especially if the injury is severe.

An injury to your quadriceps muscles can be the result of excessive pressure and tension on the four or any of the muscles that composes your quadriceps. Quadriceps injury can be categorised into three different types depending on the degree injury:

  • Grade 1 quadriceps tear – This injury is characterized by small number of fibril tears on any of the muscles that comprises the quadriceps. This injury is usually the result of over stretching the quadriceps muscles. Pain is usually experienced and strength may be slightly diminished
  • Grade 2 quadriceps tear – The grade 2 quadriceps tear is characterized by a huge number of fiber tears along with slight damage to small capillaries. This injury might be the result of extreme pressure on the muscles as a result of over exhaustion and use. Pain is imminent along with slight bruising on the area affected, especially if the injury is caused by a sudden trauma.
  • Grade 3 quadriceps tear – The grade 3 quadriceps tear is characterized by the severe amount of muscle tears on the muscles composing the quadriceps. There is a severe pain experienced, presence of bruising, and strength is greatly diminished. An injured individual might not be able to stand if a grade 3 quadriceps injury is experienced

Treating quadriceps injury requires a combination of physiotherapy, medical and exercise rehabilitative interventions in order for it to be fully functional again. Sport physiotherapy is a rehabilitation program that is mainly aimed to help an individual recover safely from a quadriceps injury.

Here are some of the benefits of sports physiotherapy for quadriceps injury:

    • Muscle Strength Restored – Sports Physiotherapy for quadriceps injury usually includes programs that are aimed to restore the muscle strength that has been lost because of the injury. This is very important especially for athletes who are expected to give their best performance once they got back to the gym or the field.
    • Eliminate or reduce the pain felt – Another reason why sport physiotherapy for quadriceps injury is important is that it greatly reduces the pain experienced by an individual. A therapy session may include an application of binder and topical ointments to reduce the lingering effects of pain.
    • Restore function – Quadriceps muscles are very important and an injury to it could be very devastating, especially for the active individuals. One of the goals of sport physiotherapy for quadriceps injury is to help an individual restore the function of the quadriceps muscle by providing specific activities which promote overall restoration of the general function.

  • Increases and restores muscle flexibility – Our quadriceps muscles contracts and relaxes everytime we walk, run, sprint, jump, sit, swim and everytime we bend. That is why this specific group of muscles must be very flexible in order for it to perform those tasks on a daily and regular basis. Sports physiotherapy for quadriceps injury helps the injured muscles of the quadriceps muscle group restore its flexibility for it to be fully functional again.
  • Ensures safe and effective recovery – What makes quadriceps injury so bad is that it has a very high chance of recurring again even after a full recovery, just like your hamstring injury. Sports Physiotherapy for quadriceps injury addresses this specific area of concern and helps injured individuals to recover under a well trained physiotherapist.

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