Perth Sports Physiotherapy for Australian Football Injuries

Australian football is considered one of the most famous sporting events Down Under and it attracts millions of spectators every season. It’s a very demanding sport because it involves full body contact. Players tackle, kick, run and are constantly mentally prepared in order to compete at their best. People from all ages can participate at this sport but the speed, complexity and the physical nature of Australian football can place any player at risk of a serious injury. Before participating at this game, the player should be physically and mentally fit.

Just like any other sports, players tend to incur injury in some parts of their body when they play Australian football, most notably at head, upper and lower limbs and on the chest areas. Collision type injuries are fairly common as well.

How do we prevent Australian Football injuries?

Many of the sport’s injuries can be prevented by the athletes, coaches, sporting officials, football clubs and experts in sports physiotherapy. Here are some useful preventive tips to all players:

Pre-season conditioning. Competitive players from all ages should undertake appropriate conditioning. It also helps that players should have good knowledge of the sport and to develop good techniques by doing research or watching the matches in order to get a clearer understanding of Australian football and the risks that are involved. The training program varies depending on the coach, fitness advisor or the authority in sports physiotherapy. You can contact Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation here for more information.
Warming Up. Prior to the game, players should warm-up at least 20 minutes. These exercises involve stretching in order to increase flexibility of the body and slow running or pacing in order to prepare oneself to intense running. It is also required to maintain a balanced diet and keeping oneself hydrated before the game in order to avoid untoward incidents.
Wearing the right pair of boots/shoes. Wearing an incorrect boot or shoe size could affect ones game and can lead to foot injuries if not corrected.
Role of sports physiotherapy in Australian football

Sports physiotherapy plays an integral role when it comes to common Australian football injuries. Experts in this field have a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to managing these injuries. Treatment does not only involve basic therapy because physiotherapy aims to fully rehabilitate the player after an injury, after an operation and to also find ways to prevent aggravating previous injuries and come up with a helpful plan to avoid further injuries.

If there are improper rehabilitation techniques done to the player or athlete, then there can be long term consequences or repercussions such as prolonged injuries and even additional health issues that could prevent the player from ever competing again in this sport. Sports physiotherapy in Australian football includes specific exercises that promote better posture and improved muscle balance. There are a number of helpful exercises shared by Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation on its official Youtube channel. You can access the videos here.

All players should think twice before taking part in Australian football. This is an immensely fun sport and it will stay this way as long as players are fully aware of the game rules and safety measures. Call Happy Physio at (08) 9272 7359 now if you need help with an injury.