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Over 20,000 Perth people have chosen us for spinal pain physio Perth. Nearly 3 million Australians suffering from back problems, and although not all cases are related to the spine, individuals who do experience spinal pain are often desperate for relief. It’s important to note that spinal anatomy is complex, featuring tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments, and highly sensitive nerves.


Once spinal muscles become strained, ligaments are injured, or nerves are irritated — pain can result. Not only do individuals experience spinal pain as a result, but sometimes this pain begins to affect their neck and legs as well. If you can relate, know that you’re not alone — you can address symptoms by attending spinal pain physio Perth.


How Physio Can Address Spinal Pain?


When pain lasts for a number of weeks or is severe in nature, physio is highly recommended. Although one of the main goals is to reduce pain and increase mobility, spinal pain physio services in Perth will also reduce the risk of future occurrences. Starting with passive therapy, patients then often take advantage of active therapy.


Passive therapy is essentially when treatment is administered to an individual — there isn’t typically any movement of joints and muscles during this form of therapy. Passive techniques include the use of ultrasound, heat, cold temperatures, electrical current, acupuncture, and more. As pain relief is achieved, active physical therapy is introduced.


In order to rehabilitate the spine, you need to move and stretch it. Of course, significant pain would have interfered before passive therapy was implemented. In many cases, both passive and active therapy will be administered — sometimes within the same session. From stretching to low-impact exercise, active therapy encourages stability and strength.


What Does the Research Have to Say for Spinal Pain Physio Perth?


Before you seek spinal pain physio in Perth, it’s important to understand how beneficial this form of treatment can be. Just imagine, being free with the grips of your spinal pain, knowing that you can live an active lifestyle once again. Here is what some of the research suggests when focusing on the effectiveness of physiotherapy methods and treatment options.


  • One study, published in the Physiotherapy Journal, focused on the effects of central posteroanterior mobilisation on thoracic spinal pain. It was found that grade III mobilisation significantly reduced pain intensity during extension of the trunk among patients with non-specific thoracic spine pain.


  • Published in the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy, the efficacy of McKenzie therapy was assessed when treating spinal pain. This method is popular amongst physiotherapists when aiming to manage spinal pain and associated symptoms. As reported in this review, following McKenzie therapy, pain, disability, and work absences were all reduced. Positive effects were especially observed in terms of lower back pain.


  • Another retrospective study, published in Physiotherapy, focused on physiotherapists and their management of lower back pain, which can often be caused by issues with spinal muscles, bones, nerves, discs, or tendons. Of the two-hundred patients referred, 86 percent achieved significant beneficial outcomes. Within these specific cases, education, encouragement to increase activity, and physical treatments such as McKenzie exercises were used, with manipulation being used in less than 5 percent of cases. Patients who sought treatment early, had 50 percent fewer treatment episodes.


If you are personally suffering from back issues, spinal pain physio Perth can help you address your personal needs. You will be examined in order to create a personalised treatment plan that ensures a fast and effective recovery. Depending on your condition, physio treatment will first address pain and inflammation.


Using a combination of techniques, including mobilisations, massage, acupuncture, and other effective treatment options, symptoms quickly improve, allowing you to restore strength and function. As you restore movement, exercises and other active therapy methods will be implemented, helping to restore full function.


Do not put off addressing your spinal pain any longer. You can significantly improve your current circumstances, while reducing your risk of future complications. If you would like to regain control over your life, working towards a pain-free and active lifestyle, spinal pain physio Perth is an optimal solution.


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