Pregnancy Pilates

There has always been a bit of uncertainty around whether it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy. Modern medical research has shown that keeping physically active during pregnancy can actually improve the health of both mum and baby. It’s all about finding the right style of exercise for you and your body.

Reformer Pilates is a safe and low impact workout that can be used for injury management and recovery. By gently strengthening and stretching the body, Reformer Pilates provides a wide range of health benefits that can assist mums before, during and after pregnancy.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Studies have shown that exercising during pregnancy can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and preeclampsia (high blood pressure associated with pregnancy) by up to 40%. Women who exercise during pregnancy are also at a much lower risk of developing depression and have demonstrated far less back and pelvic pain.

When it comes to the baby, research has proven that appropriate physical activity can have a positive impact on prenatal care. It often leads the child to develop better coordination and improves their physical health and capabilities later in life.

Why Choose Reformer Pilates?

As Reformer Pilates targets core strength and spinal alignment, it can improve your comfort during pregnancy and prepare you for a faster recovery once your baby has been born. Your changing body will challenge your back and joints at times. Reformer Pilates is all about relieving tension in the body and training your muscles to return to their natural position. By using the reformer on a regular basis, you’ll be able to adjust your body in line with each stage of your pregnancy.

Reformer Pilates isn’t just about strengthening your body. It’s also about strengthening your mind. While the movements aim to control your muscles, you’re also actively controlling your breath, focussing on each inhale and exhale as you perform each exercise. Pregnancy can be a very stressful time in life, so it’s important to prioritise your self-care and take moments for yourself. Reformer Pilates can calm and centre your mind, while also preparing you for childbirth with improved breath control.

Join the Best Body Movement

Whether you’re preparing for pregnancy, recovering from childbirth or already pregnant, our Reformer Pilates classes could be exactly what you need to maintain your health and feel good. Everybody is different, and it’s important to see whether Reformer Pilates will be a suitable option for you.