[Note: This isn’t a “public post” and is only meant for VIP list of Best Body South Perth. I’d be very grateful if you didn’t share this URL, (i.e. please don’t link to this post from Facebook)].

Firstly – half of the year is nearly over… June is nearly here – where did all the time go?

Anyway, despite a very unusual year for all of us – I’ve taken some time to pause and think about everything – life, priorities, and where our mission is heading.

All of this brings me to…

My Dilemma

A few weeks ago, we nearly had everything ready to go and then we discovered some new information from the State Government that stopped us.

We stopped to err on the side of caution and to ensure a smooth re-opening would be possible. Hygiene stocks were hard to find as well!!

I did this because, while I might come off as nonchalant, I’m super obsessed about member experience. And I’m a perfectionist when it comes to our services (although my friends know I’m definitely not a perfectionist about certain other things).

So instead of having low hygiene stocks, I want us to be overstocked.

(That re-opening got put on hold as a result).

Anyways when Best Body South Perth re-opens, I want to make absolutely sure that the studio is crystal clean with all of the hygiene protocols and stocks required to keep everyone safe and healthy.

I want to make sure that every possible bug has been wiped out.

How You Can Benefit From This

So here’s what I’m thinking about doing… and I’d like your feedback.

I’m considering offering an initial limited group of people early access to Best Body South Perth classes. For savings per class.

Here’s the tradeoff:

I want you to give us feedback, and complete 2 or 3 surveys…

…and in exchange for this, you’ll get a healthy discount off the usual price…

Oh, and you’ll get the savings forever.

Is This Something You’re POTENTIALLY Interested In?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (sheesh, we’re still looking for hygiene stocks)…

…but if you’re potentially interested in early access for the re-opening of Best Body South Perth, then drop me a message saying ‘interested’ to

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.

I want to get this re-opening right.

Stay tuned,


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