PRIVATE – Best Body: I Need Your Feedback

[Note: This isn’t a “public post” and is only meant for members of our Best Body list. I’d be very grateful if you didn’t share this URL, (i.e. please don’t link to this post from Facebook)].

Firstly – where has the year gone?

Anyway, despite an interesting year so far (COVID + floods + wars + life challenges), I usually use the Easter break, to check in with my life, confront fears, and reflect on where our mission is heading.

All of this brings me to…

My Dilemma

Late last week, we found ourselves about 70% on track with the official launch of our Toned by Best Body 6 Week Program (based off our two Pilot Programs it 100% works – see some snippets of feedback below).

“…..After 6 weeks I have lost 9.2kg and 36.5cm off my body. I am fitter, more flexible and toned. I am totally addicted to BB and Pilates, so absolutely grateful to Scott Wescombe for this wonderful program, full of gratitude to the beautiful, awesome, caring, supportive ladies at Burnie BB, full of admiration and thanks to each lady that shared my journey and provided support as they shared their journey, as well as being an inspiration to me for what they were not only dealing with in life but achieving in this amazing program.

Most of all though, I have found me again. I am jumping out of bed in the morning ready to take on the day, full of joy and gratitude for all that I have in my life (and I have much to be grateful for), able to once again face the world that I had hidden away from for so long due to the awful anxiety that gripped me with terror from the moment I opened my eyes each morning, stealing my self esteem and self belief. I am also free from the constant burden of guilt as to why with so many wonderful things in my life I felt this way….” – Heather

But we paused Toned altogether. We stopped cold in our tracks.

I did this because, while I might come off as easy going, I’m super obsessed about member experience (it’s the reason why we got started in the first place, to provide a better client experience than anywhere else and deliver stuff that gets genuine results – after poor experiences and results in my Nan’s life by health and medical professionals).

[Disclaimer: Even though I’m a perfectionist when it comes to our services, my friends know I’m definitely not a perfectionist about certain other things 😬]

So I stopped developing the new website page for Toned because I knew that, even after I’ve finished the new page and application form, the page wouldn’t be ready for the big ass public launch I was planning.

(That launch is being placed on hold for a bit longer).

Anyways when Toned officially launches, I want to make absolutely sure that the website page is clean and crisp, that the application form works flawlessly, and we can handle the volume of applicants internally so we can get people started seamlessly and have our member tracking software working (this is a story for another day!).

I want to make sure that every possible kink has been ironed out.


How You Can Benefit From This?


So here’s what I’m thinking about doing… and I’d like your feedback.

I’m considering offering an initial limited group of people access to Toned with a very special deal.

Here’s the tradeoff:

I want you to use the website, give me feedback on the navigation, let me know if the application form breaks, and give us a case study video at the end…

…and in exchange for this, you’ll get a super awesome deal…

Oh, and I hope you like surprises…

Is This Something You’re POTENTIALLY Interested In?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (sheesh, I haven’t even told you exactly what Toned will involve or what the pricing will be)…

…but if you’re potentially interested in doing Toned, then drop me a message saying ‘interested’ to

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.

Stay tuned,

Scott Wescombe

Husband and Dad of 3 beautiful girls
BSc Physio (1st Class Hons), BSc Exercise & Sports Science
Founder of Best Body and Author of From Pain & Injury To Healthy & Happy