Powerfully Combining Clinical Pilates & Massage in Perth

Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Perth offers Clinical Pilates and Massage. Some of our practitioners of both disciplines are also registered physiotherapists. Clinical Pilates plus massage go hand in hand to enhance health, fitness and wellness.

About Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body method of conditioning method. Developed Joseph Pilates and originally called Contrology, the technique builds strength and flexibility, minimizes stress, improves postural alignment and alleviates chronic pain. Pilates focuses on your deep core musculature, what Joseph Pilates referred to as the “powerhouse.” The method incorporates deep-breathing techniques that help improve core muscle activation whilst enhancing concentration and control.

Pilates exercise will not only improve your level of physical well fitness; it also strengthens the connection between your mind and your body. Through specialized breathing techniques and precise movements, you enhance your awareness of your body and its position in space.  This factor, called proprioception, has a tremendous carry over into sports, as well as functional daily activities.

Clinical Pilates and Massage

Clinical Pilates and massage offer similar and complementary benefits.  Both forms of bodywork promote better circulation, whilst nourishing your muscles, bones and internal organs with the oxygen and nutrients they require for optimal functioning, explains Ken Endelman, owner of Balanced Body Pilates, a Pilates equipment manufacturer and educational organization. Pilates and massage both improve range of muscle, while releasing muscular tension.

Targeting Muscle Imbalances

Your Clinical Pilates instructor is trained to identify your obvious, and less obvious muscle imbalances. Your massage therapist will probably come to the same conclusions. Massage enhances the positive effects of Pilates while decreasing recovery time between sessions.

Likewise, a massage therapists who sees a client on a regular basis might notice certain tension spots that result from faulty habitual movement patterns.  Massage alleviates the symptoms, but only changing the movement patterns will result in permanent relief.

Faulty Movement Patterns

Our work structure requires us to sit for hours whilst wearing clothes that inhibit our circulation. We walk on hard pavement in fashionable albeit restrictive shoes.

Unfortunately, our bodies are skilled at adapting to these unnatural conditions. We do this by over-working some muscle groups and neglecting others. As we sit for hours, our hip flexors gain an inappropriate amount of strength, whilst our glutes and hamstrings become weak and lazy. Then we stand up, and these tight hip flexors change our pelvic alignment and cause back problems.

Pilates wakes up and strengthens the muscle groups that modern living has ignored. Massage therapy relaxes and quiets down the over-active muscle groups.  In some cases, regular massage will help you perform that more advanced Pilates exercises that are seemingly impossible due to tight lumbar regions and hip flexors.

For optimal health, Clinical Pilates and massage in Perth is a match made in heaven.

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