Pilates Classes in Perth for a Better Life

Many people know that Pilates works great when it comes to sculpting and stretching every muscle in the body. However, Pilates classes in Perth does so much more. It’s not just the appearance of your body Pilates is capable of changing. It is also capable of transforming both your mind and body to make you healthier, happier and more functional individual.

How Does Pilates Classes in Perth Help You Live a Better Life?

Perth Pilates offers the key ingredients to improve several aspects of your health. Not only your body but also your mind benefits from Pilates. Here are some reasons why Pilates classes in Perth can lead you to a better life:

Build Strong Core

Your core muscles are like the sturdy tree trunk connecting its branches and root. Notice when you’re hitting a tennis ball or scrubbing the floor. The movements either come from your core or move through it.


No matter where the movement originates, the motion ripples upward and downward. If your core muscles are weak or inflexible, the function of your arms and legs might get affected. They work harder to compensate for the core’s weakness, sapping power from many movements you make and increasing your risk to injuries.


This is why your strengthening your core is important. Your core plays a huge role in most of the actions you perform in your daily life. A strong core makes you more balanced and stable, helping you prevent falls and injuries during physical activities.

Improved Body Awareness

Pilates teaches focus and concentration, which helps you build a deep connection to all the muscles of your body and how they all work. As a result, you’ll be able to perform movements more efficiently, using the right muscles and being aware with your positioning. The mind-body connection makes you more mindful with your every movements, not only inside a Pilates studio, but also anywhere you’re at.


Pilates also teaches you proper posture. It emphasises on proper alignment during exercise. You become aware of your body posture all the time. Pilates exercises strengthen the trunk muscles which are responsible for your posture.

Less Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition, which unfortunately can affect your quality of life. A study published in 2015 Clinical Rehabilitation showed that Pilates can be used by patients to improve low back pain, function and aspects related to quality of life. And the study also says that Pilates has no harmful effects on them.

Less Stress

Looking for a good stress-buster workout? Pilates classes in Perth is a great thing to attend to first thing in the morning or after a long day at work. Here, you’re taking time out to practice your breathing and body movement, which can have calming effects to enhance your mood.


Because Pilates is also a form of exercise, your body tends to release endorphins and other hormones that fight stress and improve mood. This leaves you with more positive energy and less anxiety and depression.

Better Sleep

Pilates can help you sleep better. In the 2013 study of Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, inactive individuals who participated in Pilates program experienced improvements in sleep and quality of life. The American Sleep Disorders Association recognises Pilates as a non-pharmacological intervention that’s highly effective in improving sleep patterns, enhancing the levels of daytime sleepiness, increasing serotonin levels, synchronisation of the biological clock and indirect improvement in body temperature.


Pilates classes in Perth provide and support many of your physical as well as mental aspects to help you live a better life. But you must also take into account the other important things required for good health and fitness such as well-balanced diet. Regular Pilates exercise and proper diet combined is a great step towards living a successful and happy lifestyle.


How do you do in life right now? If you’re looking to live a better life, try attending Pilates classes in Perth. We can help transform your body and mind to make you healthier and happier. And we love what we deliver.


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