Have you been struggling with persistent pain?

Perhaps you have lower back pain that stops you carrying out normal activities?
Or maybe your aching knees make walking difficult? Whether your pain is due to a sedentary lifestyle, a previous injury that hasn’t healed,
or simple age-related issues, Best Body can help.

You may have been referred to us by your doctor, or you might be coming to us after exhausting other options. Whatever your reasons, you want results!



At Best Body, we use the latest evidence to guide your treatment.

Our highly trained physiotherapists at our Mt Lawley, Mt Pleasant, and Hillarys Studios will provide you with a thorough initial assessment to help in identifying the cause of your pain. Our expert team will then put together a treatment plan to help you in your recovery, and to help you avoid the further preventable pain or injury.

Throughout the process, we’ll provide dedicated support and advice to ensure you make maximum progress and become pain free as soon as possible.


Whatever the cause of your pain, Best Body can help

We treat clients suffering from a range of complaints, from niggles to excruciating pain. If you’re struggling with pain of any kind and want to know how to feel better and get back to enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle, make an appointment for a consultation with our expert physios.

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