Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain: Neck pain is a very common condition among office, factory and day to day workers. Neck pain can be a bit annoying and disturbing at the same time. Individuals suffering from neck pain should not hesitate to seek the help of an expert so that proper evaluation can be given, especially if the pain has been ongoing for a long time.

Physiotherapy for neck pain has now become a very popular remedy to alleviate the discomfort it causes. Physiotherapy for neck injuries has a lot of benefits that will be described below.

Physiotherapy for neck pain:

Determines the root cause of the problem

Any bodily pain has an underlying cause. It could be systemic or pathologic and therefore should be treated and diagnosed accordingly. One benefit of physiotherapy is that it helps to determine and pinpoint the root cause of the pain.

Neck pain can be caused by different factors such as;

  • Strain or sprain – These two injuries can be caused by sudden movements of the neck or making no movements at all for long periods of times, like when if you sleep without turning.
  • Trauma  – A trauma to the neck can cause severe pain and it might also cause obvious signs of injury like bruising or redness to the area affected. Trauma can be due to direct blows to your neck like in sport accidents and sudden falls.
  • Infection – During an infection the nodules or lymph nodes found in your neck can inflame causing pain in the area. There are normally 20 plus nodules found in your neck. They act as defensive stops so that bacteria or other pathogens get eliminated before they can enter the main bloodstream.

Improves range of motion

Although our neck has only around 180 degrees of movement from left to right, up and down, it is easily limited because of neck pain caused by the above reasons. One benefit of physiotherapy treatment of neck pain is that it helps improve the range of motion of your neck. It also improves neck flexibility, enabling you to move freely without any pain

Improves neck posture

Our posture is very important as it determines how the body regularly sits and performs. Neck pain can severely distort our posture and therefore cause pain and discomfort in other areas of the body. Another benefit of physiotherapy for neck pain is that it helps individuals improve their posture through exercises designed to align the body in the correct way. These exercises and physiotherapy treatment help an individual improve their neck posture, making them look and feel better about themselves.

Helps alleviate pain

There are a lot of techniques that a physiotherapist uses to help alleviate pain felt by an individual. Their techniques depends on what type of injury is evident or the causes of any neck pain. For example, if the pain is due to strains and sprains, the physiotherapist may apply heating gels. These gels create a soothing feeling by providing a good amount of heat once applied. This technique is also applicable for stiff necks caused by coldness. The physiotherapist may also use therapeutic massage to help alleviate the pain. The smooth motion of therapeutic massage encourages good blood circulation to the neck area.

A physiotherapist may also encourage an individual who suffers neck pain to wear neck tractions. These tractions extend the neck vertebra alleviating the pressure on the cervical (neck) region.

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