Physiotherapy for Cheerleading

Perth Physiotherapy for Cheerleading

With most of the sports, cheerleading is really a good way to boost a team’s morale.

More than just the pom-poms and cute costumes, the cheers, dance routines and sheer energy of the cheerleading squad are effective ways not just to liven up the spirit of the athletes but also that of the audiences. What started out as a “Boom! Boom! Rah! Rah!” call to show unity in schools, has immensely evolved into a competitive form. Professionals and icons emerged over the years. It is such a lively act that you would not think anything can go wrong.

The hazards in cheerleading are relatively low compared to other physical activities. However, these can pose serious injuries. Even to a seasoned cheerleader, the slightest miscalculation or slip in movement can cause a great mishap. The combined stunts, flips and complicated formations, all in the name of entertainment, pose a threat of bone fractures and dislocation, muscle strains, sprains and back pain. Cheerleading injuries can consume time, money and even lives. This is why organizations who take this business seriously have their preventive measures and are constantly on the look for effective treatments. One of the favourites and undeniably the most effective is Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy or Physical therapy to many is the entire approach in which the main concern is to ensure functionality and mobility of a human body or a part of it. It covers prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of an injury. Usually a damaged part of a human body after a treatment, may it be surgical or not, is not fully healed until it is rehabilated back to its functional state. The advancement of Science and Technology has aided further studies and discoveries of techniques and tools that allow physiotherapists to prevent or minimize most injuries. Therapies for these have been proven effective most of the time thus the increase in demand for a capable physiotherapist in many countries around the world.

The role of a Physical therapist (PT) in an athletic organization is so vital that only a physiotherapist with a specialized certification is allowed to work for a professional team. These people take their job seriously that they take part in sports medicine programs. PT for cheerleaders gets involved in developing techniques for stunts to minimize strain and wearing out of muscle. They even go to a practice session and check the routine for a possibility of injury. All these works put in just to protect and keep any team’s greatest asset, the human body.

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