Perth Sports Physiotherapy for Common Campdrafting Injuries

Campdrafting is a popular Australian sport in which a rider while sitting on horseback guides his beast in a pattern to prove to the judge that he or she has the beast under control. In campdrafting, riders need to be very confident and competent and must possess the skills to select a bull from the mob of cattle that has the speed to keep up with a horse in the arena. Moreover, they should have some experience handling and riding horses. There are 35,000 horses currently registered and competing in various territories in Australia.

Common Campdrafting Injuries

The rapid turns and explosive starts in the campdrafting make riders susceptible to falls, which in turn can lead to ligament ruptures, strains, sprains, muscle cramps, and shoulder hand and knee injuries. Elbow injuries are typically seen in the riders because of falls, causing inflammation and deterioration of tendons and ligaments in the elbow. This can lead to ulnar collateral ligament injuries, stress fractures, or permanent growth plate damage. Sometimes, a beast needs to be “shouldered” by the horse in order to push it in the right direction. This move makes one of the major causes of accidents in the campdrafting.


A diagnosis of a campdrafting-related injury can be confirmed by an expert at a physiotherapy clinic who will conduct a detailed physical examination. He or she will initially assess the severity of your injury in order to develop an individualized treatment program to ensure that you return to your optimal strength and flexibility in a minimal time.


Ice therapy and ultrasound treatment in the initial stages help reduce swelling around the affected ligaments and prevent stiffness in the joints. Strapping to protect the ligaments and muscles while your injury is healing helps speed up your recovery process and regain full range of motion. Joint mobilization, also known as manual therapy, is a physiotherapy treatment technique that helps manage musculoskeletal dysfunction. Joint mobilizations and manipulations will not be performed by an expert if a patient has osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, if there is bleeding in the joint, or if there is any tumor or malignancy in the area.

Physiotherapy exercises help improve the function of the limbs that have been affected by injury. Exercising daily in the supervision of an expert plays an important role in the process of healing and recovering from injury. Stretching exercises stretch a specific muscle group to improve elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The improved muscle’s elasticity promotes increased muscle control, strength, flexibility and range of motion. ROM (range-of-motion) exercises help improve muscle strength and enhance your muscles’ ability to generate force.

Gait training and crutch walking make a very important part of the physiotherapy treatment. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and shins splint can limit the movement of a sufferer. Physiotherapy experts help their patients with gait training so that they can learn how to walk again after injury or with a disability. Crutches may be used in the early stages when a patient is re-learning to walk.

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