Perth Physiotherapy for Hip Injury

Hip Injuries are not just common in the elderly population in fact their occurrences are very much the same to that of the active adults. Hip Injury can be the caused of many unwanted accidents in sports, accidents in daily activities and by overusing it.

Importance of our hips

Our hip holds a very massive responsibility in terms of protection. They protect our lower abdomen area so that direct blows on internal organs can be avoided. They also protect some major organs like the uterus, ovaries and urinary bladder.  It also serves as a major weight bearing joint that carries the upper body’s weight.

Common Hip Injuries

As mentioned in the latter part of this article, hip injuries can be the result of many outside factors. These factors can result in the very common hip injuries of today which includes the following list.

  • Hip Tendinitis  – Tendons are bands of strong but very flexible rubber like tissues. Our tendons connect our muscles to the bones making it a very important factor for moving. Hip Tendinitis means inflammation of the tendons located in our hips. This usually happens when we overuse the tendons on our hips by long strenuous and uninterrupted work or activity.
  • Bursitis  – Bursitis is the inflammation of the small fluid filled sacs in our hip region called bursae. They are usually found in junctions between tendon and muscle and they help reduce friction for easier movement. The cause for bursitis might be due to an underlying physical condition or work stress overload.
  • Fractures – hip fractures aver very common especially in our elderlies. They are are usually the result of accidental fall or direct trauma such as car accidents.
  • Muscle and tendon Strain – Our hips are made of different muscles and tendons working together to produce movement and other bodily functions. Strain happens when these muscles and tendons are being over stretched and overused by a physical activity like sports and others.


Physiotherapy for hip injuries is one of the most effective way to treat these injuries along with medical and surgical interventions if needed. Orthopaedics and physicians usually advise an individual who suffers from any of these injuries to take a physical therapy session to help them with their recovery. Here are some of the benefits of physiotherapy in hip injuries

  • Measures and improves strength – As mentioned before, our hips need to be strong enough to carry our upper body weight. But because of injuries, its carrying capabilities might be greatly reduced. Physiotherapy for hip injury measures the strength of the hips with the aid of some devices and helps an individual recover the strength.
  • Evaluates and improves gait – Our hips is one key factor that determines our walking gait and posture. It is very important for it to be healthy so that an individual can run and walk properly and normally without using any assistive devices. During a physiotherapy session, a physical therapist normally takes evaluation on the walking gait of an individual and improves it by the use of different physiotherapy techniques
  • Reduces pain – Pain is the most common complaint of an individual who suffers from a hip injury especially if it involves tendinitis and bursitis. Luckily physiotherapy for hip injury is there to address this dilemma. A physiotherapist usually evaluates the root cause of the pain and will encourage an injured individual to perform specialized therapies to reduce the pain felt.
  • Ensures safety recovery – Hip injuries, especially fractures are quite delicate because there is a very high chance for an individual to accidentally injure him/herself again. Physiotherapy for hip injury programs will provide individuals with some helpful tips in order to prevent any untoward accidents to happen again while they are recovering.


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