Perth Physiotherapy for Back Pains

Back Injuries are a very common problem especially for the active individuals and the elderly. There are different types of back injuries that can arise for different reasons and causes. According to the bureau of statistics there are well over one million office workers who suffer from at least one type of back injury. These huge number accounts for more than a billion dollar spent each year by industries and companies to help their employers.

Back Injuries can cause mild to severe pain that will disrupt the normal flow of life of an individual. For this reason, it is important for back injuries to be treated with the right and proper medical attention so that problems that might arise because of it can be prevented.

Orthopedics usually advise individuals who suffer from any type back injuries to visit and have a regular session with a  physical therapist. Back injuries have different types, but the most common are the following list below.

Common Types Of Back Injury That Cause Pain:

  • Back Strain and Sprain – Usually arise from over stretching the ligaments of the vertebra. This can be due to an activity that requires a great pressure from your back like heavy lifting. The signs and symptoms usually include pain upon movement of the upper body. This injury is common in people athletes and blue collar workers.


  • Vertebral Fracture – Another common type of back injury. Vertebral fractures are usually caused by direct trauma to the vertebral column. Like in the case of a direct fall on the back, sudden twisting motion and or a strong impact. This type of fracture is quite dangerous since the bone fragments of the vertebra can injure the very delicate spinal cord.  Signs and symptoms of vertebral fracture usually include pain and difficulty during movement.


  • Herniated Disk – Our vertebral column is normally made up of 26 different bones joined together by a ligament. Between the bone junctions are small jelly like disc. These disks cushions each bone to reduce the pressure during any activity. However, as we age these discs lose its strength and durability, as a result it becomes weak and the jelly substance found in the center of the disc herniates which sometimes cause severe pain.


Benefits of Physiotherapy In Back Pains:

Physiotherapy for back injury can be a life changer to an individual who suffers any of the above mentioned types of back injuries. Physical therapy offers a wide array of benefits to people suffering from  these injuries, these benefits includes the following list:

  • Reduces Pain – back injuries are usually painful and disturbing. Physiotherapy helps an individual who suffers from back injury by providing physical modalities like hot compress, hydrotherapy and etc. A physiotherapist may also perform the necessary evaluation of your condition so that further assessment can be done in case the injury is not recovering well


  • Helps improve movement – Another dilemma faced by an individual who suffer from a back injury is the difficulty it brings during even slight movements. Good thing physical therapist knows how to handle these problems. One important benefit of physiotherapy for back injury is that it helps and individual who are suffering by providing specific exercises. These exercises could be range of motion test, flexibility exercise and strength developing exercises that are mainly aimed to make an individual independent again when it comes to movement.


  • Hastens Recovery Period – Another benefit of physiotherapy for back injury is that it helps an injured individual to recover in the shortest time possible.


  • Helps in a safe recovery – back Injuries are quite serious and they should not be taken for granted as it can lead to paralysis or even death. One reason why back injuries are considered to be a delicate situation is that it can be easily re injured by sudden movements or wrong use of body mechanics. A physical therapist will help you reduce his risk as they will often provide health teachings and techniques in moving safely.


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