Perth Now reports Medibank increases profits by 60 per cent

Last week Perth Now reported Medibank had increased their profits by 60% after members were forced to pay greater fees.

As a health provider it is not our role to comment on the financial side of things, our primary role is to deliver results to each client.

But as we care about the big picture for each individual Happy Physio client, our advise is to shop around for your private health insurance.

iSelect is one of those sites where you can type in what you need cover for and they will give you a comparison of various health funds.

Compare the Market is another site where you can do the same as iSelect.

From my experience all private health insurance funds have their pro’s and con’s – and each one might be more suitable to different people.

Here are the top 4 most commonly used health funds at Happy Physio:

  1. Bupa – Health & Care
  2. NIB – private health insurance, health cover & medical insurance
  3. Medibank – health insurance provider
  4. HBF – private health insurance

We also have a large portion of clients who do not invest in private health insurance, and choose to invest what they save straight into enhancing their health with us.

Top 3 Physio Tips:

  1. Write out a list of your current needs and anticipate your future needs
  2. Shop around to see who meets your needs the best
  3. Choose the most pro-active cover (the one that helps you avoid getting sick or injured)


  1. Be careful choosing an option which limits where you can go for treatment – many of the best clinics do not participate in “preferred schemes” – remember you want to get a return on your investment – we do not recommend ‘gambling’ on your health

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Live healthy and happy!