Perth Massage Therapy for Panic Disorder

What Is  A Panic Disorder?

A Panic disorder is a condition where the person repeatedly feels a sudden, intense fear or anxiety. It is a repeated attack of fear that lasts from 5-20 minutes. Sometimes it may last longer, even up to an hour. The person feels short of breath or dizzy at that moment. It is a defined by a fear of disaster even when there is no real danger. The circumstance varies for different people. Some feel it like having a stroke. Panic disorder can happen anytime and it leads to the possibility of having another attack. A person suffering from panic disorder gets discouraged being unable to perform his daily activities. Proper treatment can help people to reduce the symptoms or even stop the attacks.

Massage Therapy and Panic Attacks

Women are more prone to get panic attacks than men. It is necessary to take proper steps when one gets the panic disorder. There are many solutions to get recovered from panic disorder. Massage therapy is one of the convenient solutions for this problem. It has been used for centuries to relax the body and the mind. As it clears the mind, it helps to release all the stress and get relieved.

Massage therapy is a type of CAM practice. It is popular in treating muscle pain, injury and stiffness. Massage therapy has been given more priority for the treatment of both mental and emotional problems. In panic disorder, massage will help to curb the feelings of fear and nervousness. Kneading, rubbing, patting or pressing on different muscle groups is the main function of massage therapy. Massage oils are used by the massage therapist to work on different groups of muscles. Addition of aromatherapy oils and tranquil music has been proven as an effective solution. Techniques of massages vary depending on the style of the specific therapy. There are many different kinds of massages such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu etc.

Important Reminders Before Getting a Massage

To begin with your therapy, you have to select a spa, salon or wellness centre of your choice. Make an observation of the institute’s performance and get an appointment. Nowadays, massage is also offered in hospitals and clinics. If you can get your insurance company to get it covered up. You have to ensure that the massage therapist is a licensed or certified one. You can stay free from any risk by making it sure that you are getting the treatment from a qualified practitioner.

At your first meeting with your massage therapist, disclose your medical history by mentioning your anxiety or panic symptoms. Let your therapist know about any problems or discomfort you feel and want to get rid of. For the first few days, you may feel some soreness during the massage. But you will get used to it. Make proper communication with your therapist to never feel pain or discomfort in the whole session. Prior to your therapy, make contact with your physician to know that you are doing it right. Sometimes panic disorders need professional who treats panic disorder. If you are in that case, it will be better to consult with them and not to waste your time by doing a massage therapy.

Massage therapy is obviously a preferable solution but it is always not the best one compared to traditional medical care. Along with your standard treatment, you can have massage therapy to reduce it by keeping your mental and physical condition stable.

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