Perth Massage Therapy for Jet Lag

Aussie´s have earned their reputation as being intrepid travelers, but given the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world, jet lag is a common problem. When traveling to far distances on holiday, many Australians will return feeling as if they need a vacation from their vacation.  Massage therapy might be just what the doctor ordered.

Understanding Jet Lag

When you first arrive on a journey across multiple time zones,  your body’s circadian rhythm retain the characteristics of the point of departure. Then, the new environment forces new influences on these cycles, particularly the time of sunrise and onset of nightfall. Your endogenous circadian rhythms, including your core temperature and other measures, will not immediately adapt to the new environment. In fact, it often takes about one day for each time zone crossed for core temperature to adapt completely. Coaches factor this in when taking their athletes across multiple time zones. Until biological rhythms become synced to the local time, athletic performance is sub par.

Traveling Eastbound

“Eastbound flights are usually the worst for jetlag, especially redeyes like Perth-Sydney or overnight flights to Australia from southeast Asia. You feel like death warmed up the first day, and the second night you just can’t get to sleep,” notes Australian Business Traveller. If time permits, indulge in a massage on the day of your flight. It might be the only bit of rest you will get for the next few days.

The Debilitating Effects of Jet Lag

It might come as a surprise to learn that it is not the length of the flight that causes jet lag, but the number of time zones you pass through. This is obviously a problem for Aussies. Journeying for long s and whilst traversing multiple time zones can cause some travelers to suffer from extreme disorientation as their body clock struggles to adjust to the new environment. Other physical symptoms of jet lag include fatigue, insomnia, swollen limbs, gastrointestinal disorders,  migraine headache, a decrease in concentration and impaired short term memory.  Staying properly hydrated and avoiding dehydrating drinks such as coffee and alcohol might mitigate the problem, but even the healthiest individuals suffer from jet lag.

When you combine these symptoms with the muscle aches, strains and cramping associated with sitting in constricted spaces with limited air flow, your discomfort level increases 100 percent. Massage can serve as a valuable ally in the quest to alleviate these stressful symptoms, regulating sleep patterns and helping you return to your normal activity levels.

Whether you are visiting Perth on holiday, or returning home, our massage therapists can help you feel normal again.

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