Perth Functional Training Studio is a Way of Life

Most of us exercise to improve our quality of life. This is exactly the focus of functional fitness. Functional training works on improving your functional fitness by training and developing your muscles so you can perform your day-to-day activities easier.

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is any kind of exercise that is directly associated with the activities you perform in your everyday life. Whether you’re an athlete or a mum who often carries your children, you can benefit from functional training.


Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. It was originally employed by physiotherapists and rehabilitation staff in order to restore strength and function after injury. However, it has found a new use through assisting with different daily life activities by increasing range of motion, strength and ability for the person to be able to perform different tasks properly and more efficiently.


From moving furniture with ease to improving your performance in sports, functional training helps your body handle real-life situations and live better. In our Perth functional training studio, you’ll be using your body weight, agility and balance for you to be capable of performing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting some amount of weight in a certain posture created by gym equipment.

Why Train at our Perth Functional Training Studio?

Movement matters a lot. Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit in front of your computer all day. It’s obviously unhealthy to stay inactive habitually as this predisposes your body to pain. This is why you need functional training. Rather than isolating individual muscles, functional training focuses on improving movement patterns.


Here are some of the benefits of functional training:

Improved Balance and Coordination

Many functional training exercises focus on your core. Strengthening these muscles improves your balance. Also, functional tools are used in the training to allow your body to move without restrictions. You’ll be able to move in all planes of motion and integrate your entire body.

Challenged Muscles

Functional training includes various fitness routine which can help in preventing exercise plateau. It isn’t just your ordinary workout. If you switch from your normal gym routine to functional training, you’ll be surprised to find that they can be a lot harder.

Reduce Injury Risk

Other than preventing injuries from your everyday life, functional training will help prepare your body for unforeseen situations. It can be when the heel of your shoes suddenly broke or you miss a step. Such events can lead to falls that can cause injury. This would happen only if your body is not conditioned to react immediately. Functional training teaches your body to react properly when something happens all of a sudden and you don’t expect it. You won’t be getting a sprained ankle from a minor tumble.


Functional training simply means you are training with a purpose. It affects you positively on your everyday activities as well as the sports you’re involved with.


Our Perth functional training studio is a way of life. It provides you with multi-faceted approach so you’ll become stronger and better conditioned in facing life’s challenges.


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