Perth Back Pain Physio Reveals The Truth

Perth Back Pain Physio reveals the truth: back pain is very common in Perth, and it is the number one reason why people choose to visit Happy Physio in both Leederville and North Perth.

The 3 most important Perth Back Pain Physio tips:

  1. Educate yourself like a practical ‘Perth Back Pain Physio’ or ‘Perth Spinal Surgeon’ – this empowers you to make the best decision for your future
  2. Always get a second opinion from an up-to-date Perth Back Pain Expert – whether it be a Physiotherapist or Orthopaedic Surgeon
  3. Use common-sense: ask yourself “is this purely re-active treatment, or, am I making real changes to what has caused or influenced my low back pain?”

After meeting many surgeons, reading books and research articles – many Spine or Back Pain Surgeons will admit they do not learn about chronic pain at University. Hence you need to educate yourself – it may just help you ask the right questions!!

People don’t know what they don’t know!

At Physio University we get trained to think a certain way and within a specific context. The majority of physiotherapists do choose to keep learning post University (it is an absolute must) – but unfortunately some may fall behind – so it is crucial when it comes to a serious problem like low back pain, you ensure it is the right pathway for you.

Common-sense is crucial! Continually removing dents (back pain) from a car when the driver (person) is lacking driving skills doesn’t make sense. Teaching the driver (person) the right skills will help prevent unnecessary dents (back pain).

As a passionate health professional – I believe we have a duty of care to educate our community with the latest and best info – for Happy Physio it is the Perth community.

Below I will share some points from a recent article that was released by The Sydney Morning Herald – it was an edited extract from the book Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo: A surgeon cuts through the evidence. It was written by formal spinal surgeon Ian Harris.

I admire Ian Harris for coming out like a few other well known surgeons – to empower back pain sufferers with real world stats and information.

Perth Back Physio Reveals The Truth

  • “a common operation for back pain is not only ineffective but often leads to complications”
  • cognitive behavioural therapy and intensive physical rehabilitation as effective as spine fusion surgery (but complication rate higher in surgical group)
  • ‘traditional’ physical therapies in rare cases had no consistent difference in outcomes between real and sham exercises
  • “spine surgery is not just a sugar pill; it is much more elaborate placebo than that, and it is much more dangerous”

As a Perth Back Pain Physio and having helped hundreds of people suffering from low back pain in Perth over the last decade – the Happy Physio Method was developed based on the research and what has been clinically proven to work – it includes components of individualised exercise, positive cognitive behavioural therapy, and neuroplasticity – plus a variety of other goodness for back pain.

The solution to back pain is not just a single approach – it takes time, patience and effort from both client and physiotherapist – working closely together to optimise thoughts, daily activities, and behaviours.

This is why the Happy Physio Method is super powerful and effective – taking people from Pain & Injury To Healthy & Happy.

If you have any questions regarding your low back pain – feel free to contact us today via email or phone.

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Source: Back Pain? Try some placebo surgery The Sydney Morning Herald

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