Perth Acrosage Therapy

An Introduction To Acrosage

Acrosage is the only inversion therapy which is currently used in modern practice. Inversion therapy has a long history as an alternative medicine. and acrosage therapy combines acrobatics, yoga and massage. Acrosage was devised by Benjamin Marant, an acrobat and circus performer, in 1984 He noticed that specific acrobatic exercises had effects on acupressure points of his body and he used his findings to develop a new method. When practicing the acrosage method, clients invert themselves on the feet of practitioners and when a client is inverted, his or her head hangs freely. As a result, there is no pressure on the spine or the neck during any acrosage movements.

Benefits Of Acrosage

Acrosage therapy frees the body from the effect of gravity. It improves the flow of oxygen to the brain, hormone responses, the circulation of blood and posture, while also working to elevate mood levels. Acrosage boosts the digestive system, activates relaxation, strengthens the immune and nervous system and detoxifies internal organs. Acrosage can also enhance lymphatic drainage and ease aches and pains. Acrosage influences the mind, the body and the spirit of the client and encourages body balance.

How Is It Done?

The practice of acrosage therapy involves the performance of different positions in an inverted position, while being supported by an acrosage practitioner’s feet. The practitioner massages, manipulates, pulls and shakes the body of the client with a view to inducing the deep flexibility and relaxation. This method is designed to release the compressing effects of stress and gravity and as such has a very healing effect on its participants.

People who suffer from glucoma, detached retina, angina or high blood pressure should refrain from doing this therapy. Pregnant women should consult with their obstetrician before beginning any acrosage therapy.

Today, alternative therapies are increasingly gaining popularity throughout the world as effective, proven and safe methods of treating different physical and mental disorders with outstanding benefits.

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