At Best Body, we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life.

Our founder, Scott, knows this firsthand. Growing up in a rural town in Tasmania, he faced his own health challenges as a teenager. But everything changed when he was invited to try out for the State Under 18 football team.

Joining a community of young athletes who had high standards, along with a group of coaches who were there for support and accountability, he started to make healthy changes. Guided by the strength and conditioning coach, Scott switched from coke and lollies for breakfast to Weetbix and water. Despite initially struggling with physical demands, Scott persevered and made the team. He attributes group coaching, exercise sessions, and being part of a healthy community for transforming his life both physically and mentally.

Scott’s passion for helping others experience similar life-changing benefits led him to become a qualified personal trainer. Since then, he has completed an Exercise & Sports Science degree, a Physiotherapy degree with First Class Honours, and dozens of other health and fitness qualifications. He has also written a book and helped thousands of people move from pain and injury to living their best life.

Inspired by his Nan’s life and tragic passing, Scott became obsessed with creating opportunities for others’ loved ones to live their best life and put an end to preventable suffering. Watching his Mum (a nurse for 40 years) and Nan prioritise everything and everyone else first for years, Scott realized the importance of relationships and a supportive community for one’s health.

In 2010, Scott founded Best Body with the purpose of providing a better client experience and delivering lifelong results. Best Body believes that everyone deserves the best available research-guided service available to help them achieve their desires. We are committed to providing a gimmick-free environment and ensure that there are no treatments that you wouldn’t want a family member to receive.

Best Body has been on a purposeful and impact-driven journey since its inception. Our rise can be attributed to member results and satisfaction, with full credit going to both our beautiful members and incredible team members. At Best Body, we are dedicated to helping you prioritise selfcare and make it a strength or superpower. From there, you can serve the people and things you love the most, from a full cup instead of an empty one.

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