About Scott

Scott grew up in a rural town called Cooee in Tasmania. He went through his own health challenges as a teenager, which resulted in him dropping out of college after failing year 11.

Everything changed for Scott when he was invited to try out for the State Under 18 football team. Joining a community of young athletes who had high standards, along with a group of coaches who were there for support and accountability he soon started to make some healthy changes.

The physical demands forced Scott to switch from coke and lollies for breakfast to Weetbix and water, guided by the strength and conditioning coach.

Despite initially not being able to do a push-up and coming last in the long-distance running races, Scott persevered and made the team. He attributes the group coaching, exercise sessions and being a part of a healthy community for transforming his life physically and mentally.

At the end of that year, Scott moved to Perth in Western Australia to play football for the Subiaco Football Club and immediately started his studies to become a qualified personal trainer. He wanted to help others experience the life-changing benefits of prioritising self-care better.

Since then Scott has completed an Exercise & Sports Science degree and a Physiotherapy degree with First Class Honours, along with dozens of other health and fitness qualifications. He has also written a book and helped thousands of people move from pain & injury to living their best life.

Inspiration behind
Best Body

Scott was just starting his physiotherapy studies and gearing up for a challenge. Everyone had told him that the degree would demand everything he had. During the first week of University he got the devastating news that his Nan, who lived in Tasmania, had passed away from cancer.

He had to make a decision to either fly to Tasmania to attend his Nan’s funeral or stay committed to his physiotherapy studies. Thinking about what his Nan would want, Scott chose to stay and commit to making his Nan proud through his career as a health professional.

Towards the end of his physiotherapy studies, Scott began to reflect more and more on his Nan’s life as he started to understand the research. Over the years his Nan would always go straight to a health or medical professional as soon as something didn’t feel right.

Not one of the health or medical professionals made Scott’s Nan feel understood or looked at the opportunities she had to live a healthier lifestyle. They treated her like a number and a symptom, instead of a person who is experiencing symptoms.

After years of health and medical professionals matching up medications (giving off awful side effects) and gimmicky treatments with symptoms, Scott’s Nan developed two types of cancers (colon and lung). Research shows sedentary behaviour increases the risk factor of cancer, in particular colon and lung cancers.

Scott’s Nan lived a sedentary lifestyle due to loving arts and crafts, writing letters to pen friends, talking on the phone, watching television, and reading books in her favourite chair. On top of this she used to worry a lot and her sleep would be interrupted at times. Even though she ate relatively healthy, the odds were against her.

Experiencing his Mum losing her Mum, her best friend, and biggest support person – it really hit home to Scott the importance of relationships and a supportive community to one’s health.

There were many missed opportunities in Scott’s Nan’s life and as a result he is obsessed with creating opportunities for other peoples loved ones to live their best life, and put an end to preventable suffering.

Watching his Mum (nurse for 40 years) and Nan prioritise everything and everyone else first for years (and suffer as a result), Scott believes the big opportunity everyone has is putting selfcare first – from where selfcare is a problem or weakness and making it a strength or super power. Which would allow people to serve the people and things they love the most, from a full cup instead of an empty one.

The Rise of Best Body

Best Body has been on a purposeful and impact-driven journey since the end of 2010. Initially starting out to provide a better client experience and deliver lifelong results, two key things missing from Scott’s Nan’s health and medical experience.

Research has helped evolve Best Body to what it is today. Best Body believes everyone deserves the best available research guided service available to help them achieve their desires. There should be no gimmicky treatments that you wouldn’t want a family member to receive.

The rise of Best Body can be attributed to member results and satisfaction, with full credit going to both the beautiful members and incredible team members of Best Body.

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