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The first Best Body Physio & Pilates studio opened in 2010 in Perth, with the aim to create a comfortable environment where real women could make real life changes.


At Best Body, we believe it’s time for women to stop self-sacrificing and start practicing self-care. We’ve seen how strong women tend to put everything in life before their own wellbeing, but real strength comes from learning to take care of yourself first.

Our founder Scott Wescombe started Best Body to help women just like his mother and grandmother. He discovered how lifestyle changes could dramatically impact the mind and the body and saw an opportunity to end preventable suffering.



In the beginning, Best Body was focussed on one-on-one physio treatments that incorporated Reformer Pilates. It was only after seeing the incredible improvements from using the reformer that Scott saw the potential for Best Body to become something more.

To give more women access to the power of Pilates, Best Body began to run Reformer Pilates classes. Today, Best Body has 19 studios across WA and TAS, each offering classes and private sessions.


The women in Scott’s life have greatly influenced the Best Body approach to health and wellness. Scott’s Nan led a very sedentary lifestyle that eventually took a serious toll on her body. While she received treatment for her symptoms, she never felt as though her doctors really understood what she was going through.

When Scott’s Nan passed away from cancer, he wondered whether her suffering could have been prevented. After undertaking some research, he soon learned that sedentary behaviour is directly linked to one third of cancers in the world. If one of his Nan’s doctors had taken the time to uncover the underlying cause of her problems, her life may have taken a very different path.

Another very important woman in Scott’s life is his mum. As a nurse and a mother to four children, Scott’s mum has always been focussed on caring for others. Scott realised his mum could become much happier and healthier if she was able to take care of herself as she did for others.

Now as a husband and a father of two daughters, Scott wants Best Body to empower women to put themselves first. He wants to see a world where his daughters and other young women in their generation will grow up understanding the importance of self-care.



As a teenager in Burnie, Tasmania, Scott was yet to learn how healthy behaviours could allow him to lead his best life. He was unaware of how diet and exercise could completely change how he felt inside and out.

His journey began when he joined his local AFL team. Wanting to make his Dad proud, he challenged himself to become fitter and stronger to eventually play at the National Championships. Under the guidance of his coaches, he made a series of simple lifestyle changes that saw him gain greater physical and mental energy levels.

The Subiaco Football Club brought Scott to Perth, where he started a career as a personal trainer. He wanted to help others as he had been helped, and before long he completed degrees in Sports Science and Physiotherapy.

Towards the end of his second degree, Scott made the decision to establish his own business once he graduated. After witnessing his Nan’s experiences, he was determined to run a physio practice that focussed on holistic health and better client experiences.



Since 2010, Best Body has grown into a supportive community of like-minded women who are looking to make positive lifestyle choices. From building core strength to gaining self-confidence and more, each woman has her own reasons for taking part in the Best Body experience. We’ve opened 12 new physio and Pilates studios in the first half of 2019 alone and hope to continue to reach as many women as we can.


Our team here at Best Body are up-to-date with the latest and best evidence available on this planet. We’re proud to be associated with the following professional bodies:

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