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Hey beautiful…

Do you want to stay in shape, physically and mentally, during these tough times?

Fear is spreading faster than anything else right now (drains the immune system)….which means we need to switch from consuming all of the well-meaning news to becoming the creators of our futures.

The 3 big dangers of what is happening right now (apart from the virus):

  1. weight gain
  2. mental health going backwards
  3. isolated from the communities we are a part of

What are the 3 things Best Body are helping women do?

  1. stay in shape and not gain weight
  2. keeping calm in the middle of chaos
  3. staying connected to a powerful community of strong and empowered women

So why have over 432 ladies joined Best Body at Home membership in less than 7 days?

  • Unlimited access to virtual 45 minute Mat Pilates and Stretch & Release classes performed live by world-class Instructors – there will be 2 Instructors per class – 1 Instructor teaching the class and the other Instructor behind the camera watching you to provide guidance and support.
  • Coaching and support via the Best Body at Home Facebook group, as well as bonus 10-minute daily workout videos
  • Access to kick off your at home experience with our new 28-Day ‘Get Back In Shape’ Challenge – that is designed for you to lose 3kg, increase core strength by 30%, and boost flexibility by 3cm from the comfort of your own lounge room in the next 28 days. Comes with a free guide to help you stay on track get back in shape (actually you can download it here now!)
  • If you participate in the 28-Day Challenge and win (by losing 3kg, increasing core strength by 30%, and boosting your flexibility by 3cm), we will pay for a full month of sponsorship for a girl in Uganda on your behalf – to put her through a high quality education, 3 meals per day, clean water, and healthcare support. So you get results and feel great, and you help change the life of another person during these uncertain times!
  • Your investment is just $50 per week atm (save $25 per week), which will end soon
  • Be supported to increase your core strength, improve your flexibility, and achieve your ideal weight and shape
  • There are 11 specialised pregnancy classes per week


Online Class Timetable (Perth WA Time)

We’re ready to get started right away and we’re inviting YOU to join Best Body at Home.

Once you’ve secured your spot – join us on the inside via our Facebook group here:

The action we take now will largely determine how well we get through on the other side of these times.

Our aim is to help you stay in shape, physically and mentally!


Best Body is here to serve and support you!


Big Love,


Scott and Tarryn

Proud Parents and Founders of Best Body

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