We help people move from feeling Lost to Unstoppable!

After helping thousands of clients we tend to find people who come to us in one of four zones – Lost (Selfcare is a Problem), Struggling (Selfcare is a Weakness), Confident (Selfcare is a Strength), or Unstoppable (Selfcare is a Super Power).

Best Body combines Coaching, Classes, and Community to help people climb The Selfcare Ladder to move from Lost to Unstoppable.

From Lost to Struggling Zone

People who are feeling lost have generally given up, as they feel their body and mind has started to work against them. Moving out of this stage, it’s all about belief – having someone believe in you and also believing progress is possible, as often nothing has worked in the past!

From Struggling to Confident Zone

To move from the Struggling to Confident zone, it’s all about having a plan and trusting that the plan will work – which is what people receive in a Best Body Plan. Having support, accountability and guidance through coaching are critical to sticking to the plan.

Reaching the Confidence Zone

Once someone enters the Confident zone, their body strength is good, they have the flexibility to do everything they desire to do, and their body weight is well managed. And at this stage, we start to see the disappearance of pain completely.

From Confident to Unstoppable Zone

Many people reach the Confident zone and feel like it’s “good enough”. Others want to be unstoppable and become the best version of themselves. This is where people find the fun of looking after themselves first as a priority because they feel great and can take care of everyone else from the best version of themselves.

Which zone are you in? And which zone do you want to be in?


The people who perform the best in their respective fields and in life generally all have multiple coaches.

Atul Gawande, Surgeon and Public Health Researcher, did a great Ted Talk on Why everyone needs a coach. He makes the point that everyone needs a coach if they want to be good at anything.

At Best Body, we utilise a self-care model called The Wescombe Method ®, to help coach people to maximise their health and performance in ways that matter most to them.

Our Lifestyle Memberships include a 28 Day Coaching & Results Review Session, 90 Day Coaching & Results Review Session, and a Coaching & Results Review Session every 90 days from then on to help you achieve the results you desire.


Reformer Pilates classes are proven to be one of the most nourishing and beneficial ways of exercising, for people who have chronic health challenges like back pain through to elite athletes wanting to perform at their best.

It mimics movements our bodies would have been doing hundreds of years ago when supermarkets, good shelter, washing machines, cars, Uber, etc did not exist.

We are born to move and move in a variety of ways. It keeps our brain and bodies healthy and performing well.

For maximal benefit, increasing your frequency of classes each week over time is recommended.


Human connection is the greatest predictor of quality and length of life according to research performed by Dr Susan Pinker.

The Harvard Grant Study, performed over a 75 year period, discovered that people who are more socially connected are physically healthier and live longer than those who are less well connected. And the experience of loneliness turns out to be toxic.

Being a part of a community that has our back is also proven to provide protection for our brains and avoid earlier memory decline.

That is why at Best Body we have created a nourishing community
for people to be a part of, where you feel safe and supported without judgement. Face-to-face contact releases a cascade of healthy neurotransmitters, that benefits you now and in the future.

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