Negotiating With Your Personal Trainer in Perth

Congratulations on your decision to hire a personal trainer from Happy Physio. By choosing our facility, you will be working with a professional who is a personal trainer and qualified as a physiotherapist.. These qualifications are rarely found at other fitness centers.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Difference

At Happy Physio, you will never encounter this type of personal trainer:

  • Mr. No-Pain, No-Gain No Matter What the Consequences: Every few months, a personal training horror story makes the news. A “Women’s Health” magazine article tells a disturbing story of a Georgia woman who had her first personal training session after three years of a completely sedentary lifestyle. The personal trainer pushed her so hard that had to be taken to the hospital. The administered urinalysis indicated a muscle-protein level in her blood typical of a heart attack patient.
  • The Supplement Peddler : Just because it’s natural it does not mean that it’s good for you. In 1999, a New York City personal trainer sold his client ephedra supplements to help her expedite her weight loss. The woman suffered a fatal stroke.
  • Gossip Girl: She’s texting her friends in the middle of you personal training session, and gossips about her clients. When she’s not texting and gossiping, she’s flirting with the guys in the gym – on your dime. Instead of talking about your fitness needs, she’s telling you the details of last night’s date, which can also be classified as too much information.
  • Mr. Casanova: He gets his female clients through flirtation and seduction. Enough said. Whilst you will never encounter this sort of situation at Happy Physio, human nature being what it is, there are certain situations that might require a bit of, shall we say, negotiation. For example:
  • What you really want vs what you need before you can get it: You hired a personal trainer because you have specific, concrete fitness goals, and you probably expect to see results pretty soon. When your personal trainer performs an assessment, he or she might notice issues that must be resolved before you can accomplish you fitness goals. They might relate to postural alignment, weak muscle groups, overly tight muscle groups and general muscle imbalances. To help you achieve your fitness goals. Your patience will be rewarded.
  • I heard about this awesome new fitness gizmo! Why aren’t we using it?: Our personal trainers stay at least one step ahead of fitness industry innovations. Half of the new gizmos that come on the market are pure garbage. Trust your personal trainer’s expertise.
  • My other trainer did it this way: WHOA! We hope you don´t say that to your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • It’s not my fault that I’m late. Why can’t I get my full session?: We understand that basic life obligations, traffic jams, kids, etc. get in the way of your workout time. Still, your personal trainer also has a life, and chances are that he or she has another client directly after you.


In some cases, conflicts between personal trainers and their clients are simply a matter of personality differences. Before you make an appointment, call (08) 9272 7359 and have a chat with our trainers. We know you will click with at least one of them!