Neck Pain

Neck Pain in Perth

Neck pain or stiff neck makes it difficult to cope from day to day. It feels agonising just to nod or turn your head. An everyday activity turns into something that takes a lot of effort. If you have a neck pain that is persistent, it may leave a huge impact on your lifestyle.

We have successfully treated over 12,000 people who were suffering from neck pain in Perth.

What is Neck Pain?

Your neck is made up of vertebrae that start from your skull and extend to your upper torso. The vertebrae have spinal discs in between the bones which serve as a cushion to absorb shock. Along with the bones, your neck is also made up of ligaments and muscles to support your head and allow it to move.

Neck pain is sometimes referred to as stiff neck. It is commonly a dull ache that may worsen with movement such as turning your head. It can be associated with headache, facial pain, shoulder pain and arm numbness or tingling.

Symptoms that accompany neck pain include numbness, tingling, tenderness, sharp shooting pain, fullness, difficulty swallowing, pulsations, swishing sounds in the head, dizziness or lightheadedness and swelling of lymph nodes.

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What are the Causes of Neck Pain?

Your neck can do a variety of movements. It can move the head from side to side, bring ear toward the shoulder, move chin toward the chest and tilt head back.

Your neck also supports the entire weight of your head. Wrong head position can add stress to the structures in your neck. Because your neck is moveable and bears the weight of your head, it is extremely prone to pain and injury.

Neck pain can be caused by an activity that harms the neck, an injury, or a medical condition. Everyday situations such as slouching, poor posture or sleeping with your neck twisted can cause muscle strains and tension, resulting in neck pain.

There are some cases that neck pain occurs not because there’s a problem in the neck itself but in another area of the body. This is called referred pain. For example, if you have a jaw joint disorder, you might feel pain in your neck.

Whiplash, a neck injury resulting from a sudden jerking of the head, can lead to neck pain. It usually occurs in falls, vehicular accidents, sports activities and even in roller coaster rides.

How Does Physiotherapy Help with Neck Pain?

Physiotherapy is beneficial in all cases of neck pain. Physios offer a broad range of treatment options including massage, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, exercise prescription and joint mobilisation. Perth physiotherapists are the best health care professionals who can help you improve your overall strength, flexibility and range of motion, all of which can address issues that may be contributing to your neck pain.

Our physiotherapists ensure they provide optimal care, using research-based treatments guaranteed to help you recover and resume your active lifestyle as soon as possible. The earlier you see a physiotherapist, the better results you can achieve.

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